October 24, 2014

Last Day of Market Instant Pre-Purchase

Hello! Thanks for smoothing our line by purchasing your instants in advance today!

Instants PrePurchase

August 7, 2014

Fictionist Proofs

Hi Guys! These images are proofs, low res, for you to choose which one, or multiple, that you would like to license for album art/album promotion.

You CAN use these on your personal and band instagram accounts, provided you tag me @alishastamperphoto in your original post (not 5 comments down, for example). The exposure allows me to do that.

If any of you have any questions, you can call me 801-369-3197 or email alisha@alishastamper.com

June 10, 2014

Need to check the finances? Talk to your spouse? That's ok. The offer period is until June 30th. C'mon back when you're ready.