June 17, 2012

the season has started

On Saturday I started my market season. It was so nice to see familiar faces from people who I'd had the privilege of meeting and photographing last year (10 or so in all. I'm glad I remember faces!) I also met many new people, including this beautiful girl above. She knocked me out. Lovely! She was both shy and outgoing-- the standard recipe for youngish girls, right?

I was a bit apprehensive, it being the day before father's day and all. I envisioned moms, lots of them, expecting and desiring the "perfect" photo (that's a loaded and subjective word right there) to give their husbands the next day. I expected children, full of sugar and too much sunshine, who didn't want to sit still (perhaps because this was my experience on the same date last year). I shouldn't have worried. Surprisingly, many dads opted to buy themselves a photo with their children. The honest expression of love and investment in their kids had me grateful. I photograph mainly women. In general, I would venture to say that women like being photographed more than men do. However, seeing their willingness, and that they welcomed the opportunity was nice for me. They were genuine men, straight to the core. Photographing them was a breeze and I am still in the glow of their joy in their real lives.

If this is any indication to what the market is going to be like for the rest of the season, I have two words: bring it. I welcome the chance to photograph those who are real, who love, and who want what I will create for them.