December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas!

I hope it is merry and bright.

December 22, 2011

i like

her. so much.

i wish

i had a face that was this perfectly expressive.

December 21, 2011

thoughts-- i love i hate

i love that i'm dotting i's and crossing t's/ i love that i feel purposeful and productive, but also willing to listen to the piece of my heart that is telling me to nurture and embrace the calm space before this baby arrives/i hate that birth is so scary to our culture that just by being behind me in line today, two women spent 15 minutes discussing birth horror stories/ i just finished an enlightening book and reviewed it. I so very much would love to discuss it with you/ i'm finishing up my "to-read" list for 2012/ i realized lists make me accomplish so much more/i finished up the newbery winners very early in the month and am working on my final big review/ i love the new look of our master bedroom after revamping, decluttering and switcheroo-ing/ i love that i'm at the any day stage for my baby and that i just can't wait/ i love that after listening to those harpies about birth i had the unique and beautiful opportunity to be a witness to the beauty and empowerment of birth to someone who didn't know anyone who had birthed naturally or successfully breastfed/ with epidural statistics of what, 97% and abysmal breastfeeding rates, i'm not surprised/ i love birth/ i love its messy, glorious value as an experience emotionally/ i learn so much every time about myself/ i love that i got to hear an amazing talk this past sunday that i am still thinking about/ i love that i got to give a talk the week before that was a joy to prepare/ i love learning new things and teaching them to others/dec 30th at abravanel, they are doing a concert called video games live/ final fantasy has some beautiful music so i bet this concert will be breathtaking/ go for me to tell me all about it?/ i heard one of the soprano airs from messiah today and i got a little teary. it was christmas for a large part of my young life performing it for years and oh i miss it so much/ i love that i got speakers for my ipod for 6 bucks and they are great and perfect for birth/ i love that oreos are completely ok right now/ i love that i've had recent interactions with someone who thinks i'm slightly silly/ i need to not be taken seriously sometimes so that i can up the ante and BE silly/ i love that we're not arguing about names/ i love that yesterday all i wanted was jennifer lopez movies-- proof positive that i am pregnant enough that i can have this baby now-- too tired to even think for my media consumption. bwa haha/ i love that i could have an impromptu night with a girlfriend and go about during the holidays running errands, shopping and laughing/ have decided this must happen yearly/ right now i'm listening to mindy gledhill for the first time/first song still playing/ i already want her christmas cd/ bad.

that's all.

happy holidays!

December 15, 2011

more from the get together.
i sat on the floor and just watched...
sliding the bellows back and forth (i call them billows all the time. bellowsbillows.)
and watching.
i like these so much.

December 14, 2011

so sexy

oh how i love the color red on women. i enjoyed this get together with kiera, leslie and holly. yes and yes.

December 13, 2011

more light

i love the light in their room. I wish the window weren't quite so high, but i love the curtains (thank you Laura for making them in trade ). i won the alphabet. The drawing is by none other than Jeff Hein, whom I have the privilege of knowing. Its of E nursing and Todd and I both love it so much. So tender, and such a real and everyday part of our parenting. Happy life.

December 3, 2011

the light

this is the best light in my home. right in the kitchen. every november we do a "thankful tree" where we each write a leaf each day. i like how our tree is growing.. and i like to think about how big it will be once my kids are older. thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. kinda sad its already gone, but i'm happy i documented this.

December 2, 2011

december books

finishing up the newberys.
can't believe it.