November 15, 2011


holistic blur in my imagery.
thanks keith carter.
also completely what I wanted.
and so perfect of her busy little moving self.

November 14, 2011

the sweet light

i don't photograph outside much.
but seeing the sweet light was nice.
and i like this picture.
the glow.

November 13, 2011


can't believe i got any "serious" pictures from this night.
makebelieve cigarettes are hilarious and awesome.
so are pranksters.

be nice

I was at the store. trying to find something nice to wear to a wedding this weekend (and also for sunday).  I was annoyed at the one saleslady (leave me alone, I just want to look myself. I don't want your suggestions of hideous prints, etc). I was shut off.

Once I find something (score!), I go to the register. This lady is trying to be nice. She's asking about my pregnancy. I'm kinda being a jerk. Short responses. I'd had awful interactions during my errands all day and I was annoyed in general about strangers asking me personal questions.

but then....

she quietly asked----

can you tell me what it is like, to be pregnant and have a baby? I wasn't able to have children and I've always wanted them and I just want to know.

and it pricked my cold, awful heart. and reminded me of the privilege and earning I have done to have the knowledge and experiences with birth and children that I have had. My mindsets aren't the norm.

and I talked, and told her, about the beauty of birth. and how it isn't scary but glorious and that we were created for it.

It was a blessing. It healed the crappy interactions I had that day. Replaced them with the ability to be open with a stranger instead of having openness demanded of me. Reminded me of this experience. I'm grateful.

November 11, 2011


with the ladies
at the park

November 10, 2011

one hundred percent

in love with this photograph.

in studio

November 4, 2011

bonnie in color

mamiya c330 porta 400

bonnie in black and white

mamiya c330 xp2

A modern spin on a classic heirloom

I've got something big and fun going on tomorrow and Monday. I'm slightly obsessed with these new silhouettes and am so excited to offer them as a fun twist on presents for the holidays (or for your cards this year).

Here's the deets:

Saturday November 5th 10-4pm 2pm (the 2-4pm time has been completely filled).
Monday November 7th 9am-noon, 5-9pm.
Cost: $10 per person in advance via paypal to or $15 at the door--cash. This covers the little session (5-10min. A variety of silhouettes will be captured) then full files are customized with the color of your choice and purchased after (at a minimal fee- $5 per file).
Studio Location: 608 E. Wilmington Ave SLC (this is in sugarhouse.)
Contact: 801.369.3197 with questions or if you get lost.

There are awesome card layouts you can put the silhouettes into if you desire (I have ones you can purchase), or you can use these around the house, small or large for presents. Oh my! There are all sorts of things to do and its exciting!

Hope to see you!

November 3, 2011

post lazy

i don't know why. i've been photographing loads. i think the summer did me in. so much work. so many deadlines. tired.

but i'll do some soon.... like after saturday. i promise.

for now, i'm running to the lab to turn in more film.

our life is a little topsy turvy and i'm just holding on... not holding breath... but just holding on. reading stories to my children, making meals, planning things, looking toward the future.

see you after the weekend.

November 2, 2011

when a child needs distraction

give her your purse. full of film. this is what will happen before you realize that was dumb. doh.

November 1, 2011

november books

I only have 1.5 of these left to read. I sprinted through october's, and a few other books before diving into november. I just am feeling the before the holidays, baby, crazy life crunch... and I really want to complete this goal.
Almost done!