October 17, 2011

baby shower gift

in the last year, i've really embraced taking sweet, real photos of babies. these were of sweet carlyn's new one. she is a rocking artist. blows.my.mind. seeing their awesome familiy timeline made me think about all the chances we had to be true friends before it finally stuck. i respect and love her. what a lucky lady.

October 16, 2011

checking out drafts

apparently i never published this one. this picture is fun. those chairs are fun (and won't be in my house for at least 20+ years based solely on their light color and stain-ability). That mirror rocks.

October 15, 2011


I'm so completely ok with the composition of this photo. From the Sistine Chapel, this is Adam's hand... the father of us all, blessing, as it were, the hands that protected and ushered this little one's arrival. This is Cathy, the homebirth midwife I had as an attendant (with her practice partner, Briana) for E's birth and my care. I had her over this week and it was so beautiful. Having her presence is that, always. She is wise, knows me well, and really listened. Such a talk we had of so many things. As I approach my own birth experience (#3!), I am reminded, deep down, of my spiritual thoughts, yearnings, and convictions about eternity, truth and right and how those apply to my everyday, but even more in the right now about birth, children, love and responsibility.

1600 pushed to 3200, I think. This was in 2009, November-ish.

October 14, 2011

October 12, 2011

couldn't resist

just one more of my beautiful old assistant and her beau. AND i learned a new way to tie my scarves that is so pretty and different. Thank you thank you. And we honked at dogs, and tromped in mud and laughed and laughed.

October 11, 2011

my old assistant met a boy

they're pretty in love and it makes me happy.

all on Mami. with film.

October 4, 2011


i was at the library, the last of the errands. it wasn't too busy. i kept running into this lady, or my kids kept running into her, and i was starting to get embarassed because today was not a good mom day. it was a, i'm never a good mom, i'm so exhausted, why can't i be more than i am, kind of day....

well, as we walked out of the library, and i had to use a loud, firm mom voice to tell W not to walk out the door until we could go together, and as i held his hand and started a little discussion on reasons why we should stay together in public (which he normally doesn't have a problem with but it kept happening all over the place today. bottled energy, i don't know, but i just can't move that fast and it scared me how quickly he'd go on ahead)... anyway, this same lady walks out behind me...

and she whispers,
you are a really good mom.
i enjoyed watching you with your children.

And i cried. literally. right there. tears welled up. and i thanked her.

i needed it. so much.

be nice to someone today. they probably need it, too.


click to enlarge

oh film. your latitude. i love love.

found some good light pockets. i like them. totally diggin' xp2. favorite.

happy happy with the results of this little ten minute naptime shoot with my friend, Christopher. I will remember how his glasses kept getting darker because it was sunny outside. I will remember how strange it was to try to photograph someone taller than me with Mami. 

I have been wanting to create something real of him for years. Its ridiculous how backburner things can become. 

Take something off the backburner this month, ok, peeps? Get something photographed that matters to you.

October 3, 2011

i like

friends that come over for me to do this:

but spend most of their time doing this:

Seriously. Christopher was a friend in college, but we've only become closer since and Todd and I both consider him a worthwhile friend of our family. W & E adore him. He has a good heart. So grateful for him.