September 30, 2011

the fruits

Had the pleasure of photographing this mom and daughter at the market. They wanted something sweet....

and something of their everyday type of lives. These ladies were HILARIOUS and I laughed the whole time I was with them. Such a pleasure!

october books

I'm on my last quarter of newberys. Its strange. I'm looking forward to reading these. Looking back over the last few months with the market and so much on my schedule with photo shoots and community involvement, I have zero idea how I finished those. Most of these are thick, which is daunting, but there are a few skinny ones. I will say, I'm not looking forward to reading Lincoln: A Photobiography-- I taught (high level TA for the American Heritage Department at BYU) a semester that focused on Lincoln and after all the reading of texts, preparing lessons, reading term papers, etc... I am Lincoln-ed out. still. I know.

september books

I read them. except smoky the cowhorse and the story of mankind. those were both still on the shelf from july and I couldn't take them anymore. definitely some great ones from this stack.

September 15, 2011

Avenues Street Fair

I know this isn't the first time this has happened, but it IS the first time it was someone new to me. Got this sweet photo in an email that said:

"Thanks again for my portrait.     
        I get a little camera shy & you have 
                     a knack for making people feel comfortable 
and downright awesome!"

Not only did this email totally make my day, but it reminded me of what a great experience I had creating that picture of her. I really love creating images, and it is a privilege to have everything align so beautifully on the fly. The market is pretty fast-paced, but I still get to really study the people I have met, even if it is only for five minutes or so. 

Saturday was a raving success to me. I met no less than five people who enthusiastically responded to my desire to photograph them for personal work. woot. AND most of the people were silly, fun and genuinely happy and laid back. It made things light and happy for me. LOVED.