July 31, 2011

what its been like:

I've done the market half of my dates, 2 out of 4.

Watching people's responses (all joyful! yaya!) show up in the blogosphere, on their facebook pages, and via my fanpage, its been really cool. This week you'll be seeing some more scanned negs from the black and white instants I shot on the 16th, but alas, my color ones (which had me emoting. LOUDLY. ) are truly one of a kind. The negs get funky color (that can be very cool sometimes) when the back is bleached off. So the prints are truly their own little art pieces.

One of the greatest things about the 16th was watching some plans come to fruition. A fellow photographer  was so taken with the idea of instants that she planned it into a project she has been doing (which is breathtaking), and I was able to link her with a painter. It was beautiful. You can check out her post about it. I'm flattered, to say the least. I ended my day creating images of her.

Here's another from that day:

July 29, 2011

T at a BBQ

this was the only picture i could snap of him. stains? oh yeah, those are from sharing bratwurst with E. I love this picture. So much. My american-man husband, doing the man thing at a BBQ. Can't describe it more than that.

July 22, 2011


Fuji Instant. Measures 4x5". Straight outta camera. From the other day out with the ladies. Like what I'm doing at the market.  Jessica is gorgeous, talented and real. This image = worth every second to haul my camera down steps. The instant gratification is so tasty. Especially when the results are this divine. Slowing down and taking the time to really really look makes for  beautiful beautiful images. Holding this print was a highlight to my week, and also a rejuvenation for me about images I create.

July 21, 2011

pool honeys

she likes to lay out. definitely didn't teach her that. but lounging on her towel in the warm sun is one of her favorite things about the pool. she giggles like nobody's business when we put on her sunscreen. chlorine and sunscreen. ah ah. the smells of summer childhood.

July 20, 2011

words they mean nothing

Inside/a heart of summer soul/don't let them/take it away
Cause inside/something solid gold/don't let them/throw it away
Follow/your own path from here/so don't listen/to what they say
Cause here comes/something wonderful/so don't let them/throw it away

Words by The Doves

Lately For the last year I've been thinking a lot about being authentic not only in my art, but in my life. Being expressive, and having my expression be what I want, and what I seek to put out in the world, is linked eternally to how I am doing in my personal realm. There are a whole lot of factors in our personal lives, no? How we view ourselves as artists, and even just as people, has such an effect on the vibe we send out to others. How we're doing on our own goals of betterment, within our relationships, all of that affects our expression, not just in the arts, but I think in our communication as a whole.

With all of these percolating thoughts, I've been thinking about the vibes I put out there. Sometimes, like everyone else, my vibes are dichotomies. Isn't that just the rub?

So I've been simplifying my life, making my output of energy into the things that really matter (I know my poor husband might not agree, but I think I'm making strides in the simplification department! Learning to say "No" has been so calming.) I've realized that I know what I want my vibe to be. And it was somewhat surprising at first, but makes more sense every day.

This is my vibe. My single word. The description of me that I want to be most prevalent: SMART. I realized that I don't really care, in the long term, if people even know I photograph. Doesn't make sense, right? I know whether people care or not, I'll keep doing it. On saturday I photographed my sister, her husband and baby and I realized, I have literally been photographing her for 15 years. Even did the math to make sure I'm right about that. 15 freakin' years. And I know that in 15 more years, I still will be photographing her, finding truth in expression through her image and what I'm able to clearly express when I'm with her. Our mutual lineage from our self-educating, passionate and empowered mother, is a recipe for taking hold of our communities and influencing them for good. So glad I have a partner in this. (well, four partners. all of my sisters are legit and rad).

What I offer the world is usually not photography. Its a part, and I love it, and the thought I put into it definitely has my full attention and effort when I'm creating, but there are so many other things I do, and am involved in, and learn, that have an affect on my creative expression. And ultimately, the bulk of who I am, a self-educating, book-reading, wordsmith of a woman, has nothing to do with photography.

Realizing this has made creating easier and more enjoyable.

What's your one word?

July 18, 2011

beautiful beautiful beautiful, beautiful girl

at a party awhile ago, me and a dearie tried to get over stranger fears when photographing. Mine is somewhat beaten out of me because I have been known to ask strangers to come in and be subjects for my personal studies (the images are worth the few minutes of sounding like a moron).

this is my personal stranger of the evening. asked to photograph her. her response was beyond sweet. I love her face, so classic.

the test shot

This is Cecilia. She's my assistant this summer. I'm beyond pleased with her. On Saturday, at the market (next confirmed dates are 8/13 and 9/17. mark your calendar), she sat for the test when I switched film stocks. I kinda wanted an image of her anyway.... and didn't really need to test. don't tell. I love this image. I love the color stock of instant. I love how utterly unique it is. The negatives get beyond funky when you bleach off the back. They have their own appeal, of course, but for now, the positive is embedded in my heart.

July 17, 2011


i'm not good at headpieces. wearing them, that is. but i'm beyond marginally pleased with this image of one.

July 15, 2011

two matrons

On the right is Dixie Snow Huefner. She recently was awarded Distinguished Woman of the Year. If you pay attention to Utah politics at all, you may have heard in recent years about the push for an independent ethics board for our legislature. Listening to her speak was enlightening, to say the least. Talking to her during their commission was awe-inspiring but also rekindled my activist gene. Her mother (on the left), is her main inspiration, she said.

July 14, 2011

hurrah for summer!

so excited to make jam. We went berry picking on our trip back in may. i can't wait for my regular berry guys to be at the farmer's market. their stuff is the best.

July 11, 2011

july bookshelf

whoa delayed. Probably because the stack is so huge this month. I'm trying to knock out all those extras (1922-1929) this month. i've already finished three. So I'm on a good pace. This week is another market week, but I've hired some help so it will hopefully be even more successful (if that's possible. Last time was off the hook insane. I loved it) than last month. If you come, make sure you check out Noona's Kitchen. Her cuc-amole rocked my world when I was there on saturday with Todd and the kids.

July 8, 2011

late afternoon alabama sun.

click to enlarge. really. worth it. promise.

I LOVE the reflected light on her face, the bokeh on the right, the absolute warmth and perfection of the memory this captured.  I want to print this HUGE.

July 6, 2011

in the middle of nowhere

the cars sit.

it was here that i watched the birth of a cloud. for real.
it formed out of nothing. a clear clear sky.
and grew and grew.
it made a mark.
on me.
i don't know how to adequately describe it.
but i'm so glad it was a shared experience.

July 5, 2011


check out this beautiful ottoman. I would love to have one as a room highlight. This picture makes me sad because of the green sweater (that was $80! eeek!) that I didn't buy, but still think about all the time. oh what a trip that was. Such great memories.

I love the saturation here. Not added. All film. Its slide. Contrasty, saturated, fickle, beautiful.

more than two

 here's another, from the beginning with Mami. I have 8 rolls waiting to be developed. A good talk with a new photo friend let me own that I'm scared to try a new lab, even though I know I need to. Courage! Its on the goal list for the week.

July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

Hope your day includes some gorgeous watermelon. This beauty was adorning the streets in Green River, which is famous for its variety of melon.

July 3, 2011

double exposure to the 2nd power

all i know, is its at least six.
wheeler farm
from the archives
sept 2008. 

July 2, 2011


I was going through my archives tonight and i found these negs from one of the first times I used Mami. It was lowlight, in a sushi restaurant (samurai. pretty sure they've changed their name since, but its on 6200 s and highland. so delish.), definitely not a way I regularly photograph. I only took 3 frames that night. It was still so new. And parallax was something I knew, but not something I was used to consciously correcting for. Here's the thing, though. I don't care. I like the cut. It feels right. What do you think?

July 1, 2011

testing testing.

I'm attempting to streamline my life. It makes things easier. For example, today I set up for my Facebook Page (are you a fan? You can be. I tell nice things & share secrets among other things).

So this is a test post. To see if it does, in fact, post to facebook like I think it will.