June 30, 2011

my life. really.

...not really the fancy party all the time, but definitely the genuine laughs with a real friend, taken by a talented friend, that is so very much my life. Full of happiness.

June 29, 2011

Matter: the Lamberts

Let me tell you a story. About my shaping.

When I was 13, my friend was living with his aunt and uncle for a few months, who lived within walking distance from my house. I'd gone over there a few times.

Fast forward to me being 16. His aunt, Linda (pictured above), called me and said she would like me to come work for her. She and her husband had a metal works company. They did high end metal, duct work, kitchen stuff, for hotels, county clubs, etc. I worked in the office with Linda a few days a week (most days in the summer), and learned about invoicing, quotes, business phone etiquette, and so many other things. It was a family business and they welcomed me with open arms. They even took pictures of me and my date before prom. I worked for them into some of my college years (she wrote a letter of recommendation for me), they were at my wedding, and they are a presence in my children's lives. They absolutely are family.

I watched them run their lives and business with monetary prudence. I learned things about car maintenance, plants, food and diet, organization, all from them. She was a strong beacon of love for God while I grew. They decided to invite me to their lives, the office was part of their home, and I had keys, codes, all those things. Looking back, and specifically looking at teenagers in my own life, I am so grateful they thought I was worth investing in.

Having the Lamberts in my life was such a complement to my own parents. I had other adults who so very much agreed with my parents and knew what was right, but still could be a sounding board while I figured out that my parents were right. I'm so grateful.

Who influenced you as a young adult? Do you have pictures to aid in your reminiscence to your own kids?

June 28, 2011

Market Dates

My official market dates at this point are:


I may be at the Avenues Street Fair, 9.10.

The images above are a brief sampling of the images I did my first day, 6.18. It was wildly successful and I thoroughly enjoyed myself meeting people and working on the fly. I definitely have some new people I want to photograph for personal work (finding new models was one of my main goals in doing the market). The negs are interesting to work with. Very different from Polaroid Type-55.

June 26, 2011


somewhere in my dreams, there is a garden with a gate like this-- bronzey/wrought iron depictions of animals. The beauty of nature being so overwhelming that it commemorated in the things used to enter it--- gates, doors, stones. Maybe its because of the countless times I watched A Little Princess and The Secret Garden... but I think I am searching, sometimes, for the places where literature comes alive. I know they are there. Heaven knows Michael Kenna has found them. People write what they know, they try to pin down beauty in their art. I want to see more gardens. Real ones. Rococo-style and Versailles style. The moors and India. All of it. I need more green.

June 23, 2011

central park, again

watching baseball. 
on the great lawn.
this was attempt #2 of going to the great park.
glad we made a 2nd attempt.
first time involved lots of traffic,
and a sick little lady.

mamiya c330, ilford xp2

June 22, 2011

wednesdays: central park

i will not deny
i bribed him to stay there.
with an ice cream from a vendor.
he picked a spiderman one.
but seeing him and E share it, and seeing their covered,
messy happy
faces, was worth it in the short run.
this picture is more than worth it in the long run.

mamiya c330, ilford xp2-- i am completely in love with this film. 

June 21, 2011

central park

i thought this was interesting. all adults on the swings & it was like a pattern. 

mamiya c330
ilford xp2

June 20, 2011

south of the border

i had been here back in HS. We stopped there at night on our way to Florida. I remember it being really cool. Its not cool, actually. But I love this image.

June 16, 2011

Save the Date: June 18th (tomorrow!)

Hi Everyone! As I've said here on the blog, I'll be doing instant large format portraits at the SLC farmer's market a few saturdays this summer. Here are some samples that I created so people can have an idea of what my work looks like.

I'll be just about at the corner of 400 West and 400 South.
Come by.
Have one taken of you.
or someone who matters
and you want something tangible of.

these will take your breath away. they sure did for me.
Holding a print immediately that is of large format detail is

June 12, 2011

from the trip

our first few days we stayed with my friend, amy. she is an artist and had already scoped out a sweet light spot in her home for me to photograph in.

she matters to me. deeply.

June 11, 2011

new toy

i got an instax mini for my birthday.
beyond fun.
i love this method of preserving childhood memories.

June 5, 2011

it is what it is, but it looks like what it isn't

cutting up things to make vegetarian chili.
i was distracted and did not cut down the middle.
not even close.
but this greeted me.
this seashell cut of an onion.

does that happen to you? the beautiful design of the food we eat?
nature at its best? it happens to me. often.

June 4, 2011

my june shelf

picking up this stack at the library had me a little anxious. but then I remembered I was picking it up on the 2nd of the month---- not the 20th, as I've been moreso doing. who knows though, I am seriously considering reading this and this before I dive into the stack.

I found a new sweet light spot in my house. It makes me stop every day with the desire to photograph something in it. these books were the first thing. granted, they're highly adjusted, but the spot is there. and I'm excited.

June 3, 2011

where have I been..

you ask? Well, all over the place. It was amazing. Why haven't I shared? WELLLLL, I'm waiting to get back this stuff.

but I looked like this most of the time.

and got some quick ones I love already. So I can't wait to see the film.

How was your May?