May 6, 2011


a couple things:
i left this morning on a massive 3 week trip 
going to nyc first
then philly for a minute
then penn laird for a while,
then DC to celebrate and party

then raleigh to relax and enjoy
then auburn to laugh and play the day away.

its a big trip.
i took my twin lens and my ricoh.
i bough a summery dress (fabric pattern above).
see ya, weirdo spring of utah. 
i'll be spending may gallavantly in the fresh green of the east.

when i get back, its full steam ahead to prepare for the downtown farmer's market.
did I mention I got in? that there were 246 applicants for 100 spots? 
Well, here's notice. I'm going to be there. A few saturdays.
and I'm stoked. It will be so nice
to spend the day there.
to meet new people (and potential models for my personal work).

I'll be announcing the set dates and all that, but for now,
enjoy your may. take some pictures. read some books. write something.

May 5, 2011

the may shelf

still plugging away on those newbery winners over here. Thankfully, May is a short stack.