February 28, 2011


this roll a month thing is to make sure i'm constantly photographing, but also a bit of a journal of our lives. we lost all our snapshoty digital pictures from E's first 8 months. i had already been doing a lot more 35mm film, but not completely. that has changed now. 100% film in the home life.

E started walking at 10 months. She follows me from room to room. She tries to run. She reaches for things higher up. she's another bookworm. (yaya!) i love her blurry pace. i sat on the floor for about 5 minutes while she walked back and forth, and i was previsualizing this image (thank you, jed wells for inspiring me to do this more). It turned out exactly how I wanted. I was somewhat discouraged with the january roll. I thought I had made a bad decision in this. Nope, totally a good one. :)

February 27, 2011

can't believe i'm complaining

i know every other artist who is married will want to kick me in the face in about two seconds, but...

whoa!mygosh. lately everytime I talk about wanting to try new projects, etc, T asks if he can model for it for me. the problem of course is that I photograph women. and I'm obviously not married to one, hence the problem about him modeling for my projects.

I'm grateful he is so willing to support me in creating art. I'm so grateful I can talk to him about my art and my desires to show people something new. I'm so grateful he cares. (p.s. he isn't cutting his hair until we're pregnant again, did you know? its a bet with a friend. The thing is, we're not really planning on thinking about that until the end of the summer. eeeeek!)

why can i not get enough of blur lately? so intentional. i love it most with manipulated focal planes with large format, but there is something pleasing, in a way about those circly blurred feet.

February 26, 2011

i'm pushing myself outta the comfort zone. and i love the unwily-ness of what i shot this with, yeah, an old school 70's era slr on a profoto ring light. yeah, you guess it, that curvy cut on the right-- that is my camera halfway pointing at the inside dome.

i love that this image looks funny bc a) little L is wearing a tux next to a bathing suit clad girl and b) that he looks so puzzles over it.

regardless of how awkward it was to hold (SLR is SUPER SMALL for a ring light), this picture (and another i'll be posting) are so freaking fabulous with it.

I did learn that my shutter is not accurate @ 1/125. So i'll be working on that, I guess.

Sigh. I love film.

February 25, 2011

ring light.
35mm slr.

from the february roll

I love how the fall-off shadow is green.
T and I have been together for 5 years. Buying these lamps (last month) was the end of the "Tall Crappy Lamp bc we're poor" era. and I freaking love these lamps. They make our little place feel so much more of a home.
I am really liking that I've been able to capture our real lives thus far with this "at least one roll a month" thing I'm doing. Wanna see the other ways I'm making this the best year of my life? Check em out.

February 23, 2011

What I Submitted

to explain:
the top image was the first one i thought of when i heard about this competition. I feel like it is the way my work is headed right now.
the second one is the one of my strongest pieces from a commissioned series (did you know i accept commissions? I do.)
the third- week 31 of my sizes series i did when i was pregnant with e. i love the colors, i love how softly the focus fades (gotta love large format and skewed focal planes. yummy).

SO, we'll see. I guess I hear in a month. Congrats to my friends Kiera, Carolee, Katrina, and who also entered.

February 18, 2011


Hi all. Hope this friday is treating you well.

I've got a deadline steadily approaching for the first juried show I'm entering this year. I'm submitting 3, so give me so opinions, puhlease.

These are all large formats by yours truly.

If you were a Bride...

What would you do if you hired someone with this kind of work on her website

But then received pictures like this AFTER your wedding?

Well, if you're anything like me, you'd flip.

See, the problem with this situation is that this girl DIDN'T take the top picture (but did do horribly with the bottom image). Its by Taylor Jackson Her name is Amberlynn Alpin (no links here, she removed all her stolen stuff online), of Amberlynn Photography in Layton, Utah. For the last 8 months she's been putting screen-shots (and poorly done ones, at that) up of the work of GREAT PHOTOGRAPHERS and saying it is hers. AND getting clients off it. Clients she provided crappy service and horrible pictures to. For example, to more of the ridiculous, unethical behavior, she lifted an ENTIRE wedding post from Jon Canlas and posted in on her own blog as if it were her own.

What kills me the most, I think, other than the blatant audacity to do this, is that she says she's in school (for photo), why would someone ever think this was ok when, in the throes of academia, plagiarism being wrong is stuffed down your throat?

Not only that, she had a post about why she charges what she does, and how it takes a lot of work to be a professional photographer. ugh. It does take a lot of work to be a professional photographer. A lot. Actually learning and putting that into practice creatively is very time consuming. I know. I have a degree in photo. My professors were my hiring agents for 5 years. You could not justify that something was art, so the technical didn't matter. NO. Technical was always #1, THEN the creativity was analyzed. That approach has served me well. It did wonders for me.

but i digress.

Thankfully, she got caught.
That's not always the case.
Especially with commercial work.
You know, the pretty images you find when you google things like, "fruit" or "bedtime"?
Those are by real photographers. Please don't use them as illustrations to your own blog posts without linking back to the photographer. Its not only rude, but stealing, too. fyi.

thought you'd all enjoy some of the buzz from the photo world.

P.S. looks like she forgot to take some stuff down. Here and here.

what has kept me shooting:

Having one of these carriers. There is a similar company, which does a lot more styles, that is doing a giveaway here. You only have til sunday, so if you think something like this could help you, go over and enter!

You can't tell it from my pictures, but there is a whole lotta E on my back in a carrier in my life. It helps me keep a nice house AND be involved in my community. It enables me to have my baby close while I get the essentials done. (Close proximity for the kisses isn't bad either) Being able to have her happy completely works for T, also, when he is taking the kids out on the town. Having one is the best thing for our family. The weight limits work for both of our kids, so having this has helped us MOUNDS in being able to hike last summer.

Sometimes it is hard to balance the family and the creative. What am I saying? It is ALWAYS hard to balance the two. But having the right tools seriously helps.

February 12, 2011

last from the studio day

I was pleasantly surprised to find some very interesting potential models for my creative work this year. Especially this one.

February 10, 2011

MATTER: Briana

she's so beautiful, inside and out.
so thankful I was commissioned to do images of her.
she's a midwife for homebirth.
she was at E's, support of two, i had.
you should be a fan of her.

February 3, 2011

the january roll

so i stayed true to my word about shooting a roll a month. part of the reason i wanted to do this was that we lost ALL of our snapshots from 2010 through a fight to the finish with our computer, i won't go into details. but it won.

these are the ones that speak to me from last month. i really love the one of W. I love how craze his eyes look. I completely remember exactly when i took it. And it says so much about his little "taking it all in so quick" state.

february is a color roll.

February 2, 2011

Wednesdays: He's Three!

full of the marvelous facial expressions and questions.
Emotional and caring and physically active. Inquistive.
Happy. Honest. Imaginative. my favorite part.
best friends with his dad, takes so much after him that I almost get a
double dose of that endearing sense of humor I fell in love with.

ps I totally love that top one so much.
pps the bottom one, oh my gosh, check out his face! he was loving EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of shouting "hello from outer space" at strangers.

my february shelf

here's what I'm reading this month for my resolutions. I did swimmingly last month.