November 28, 2010

MATTER: grandpa

For teaching me through knocks on the table instead of frustrated explanations. For fluid love that made me not know "solitaire" is a one person game until later in life. For singing. For never scolding. For shooting BBguns with us rascally kids. For Escobar, for funny stories, and for NEVER bringing reality into the silly dreams all of us had as children. For the men you raised my father and uncle to be. For marrying my grandmother. For being present.

November 27, 2010

on being thankful

we started a thankful tree last year during the month of november. we did it again this year and i'm reveling in it. I'm not ready for christmas to be here yet, somehow. i'm delaying putting up the tree. I just want to relish this feeling of a grateful house and a grateful heart. W's additions this year have been both funny and sweet.

Something I am especially thankful for is my photographic ability. Its not all talent, and definitely has taken blood, sweat and tears (for real. Some of the equipment can maim when you're inexperienced), and I feel like I'm in a reaping season. Another sowing season will be coming, I'm sure, but right now there's a lot of reaping for me artisitically and I'm so grateful for that. Having a way of expression that (I hope) relates my vision and feelings in exactness is something not everyone has. Its a blessing and a sanity-keeper, for me.

In light of this, that photographic ability is not all "eye", but created by a technical understanding that is APPLIED creatively, after numerous requests, I'm offering a class. Two Friday evenings in January, the 7th and the 14th at 7pm at my studio in Sugarhouse. Each class is one hour. We'll cover aperture and shutter speed and how both affect your translation of your vision. There are only 6 spots TOTAL, so contact me quick to reserve your spot. The fee for both classes is $50 if you register before December 15th. After that date, the fee is $75. Registration closes Dec 31st. I am also offering a portrait workshop as an addition to the classes. It will be held January 21st at 7pm. It is limited to FOUR spots and costs $30. We will dicuss pose, form and lighting.

Who should register: someone who owns a camera (duh! ;) ) and wants to take it OFF automatic. If you own a DSLR and you want to use it to its FULL potential, register for my class.

send me an email at ( detailing what you are registering for, and I will send you a payment request through paypal. Once you have paid your fees, you will be emailed class details, directions, etc.

Looking forward to meeting you!