October 28, 2010

MATTER: Carolyn

for regular epiphanies, amongst many other things.

October 15, 2010

the third


created something lovely. this is a reawakening for me.

October 7, 2010

MATTER: my mom

The third visit from my mom this year. Everytime and every phone call I collect a new gem. I give her anecdotes and advice on parenting more than I ever give my own opinion. She has a phD in parenting. And has since the beginning of time. I love her. I love the personal epiphanies she has, and the truths she taught me by many campfires. I love that, upon viewing my pictures by Katrina for At Mother's Breast, my mom said, "it is really interesting seeing you become the earthy mother I was." That is a compliment I will NEVER forget. Thank you, mom.

so i did 3 frames of my mom before driving her to the airport. It was similar to the five minute portrait of my dad. I like this one the most because of the glare on her glasses. It was intentional. Her eyes are full of light, always pointed towards the good. This project is all about capturing photographs that will show my kids WHO mattered, but also WHY. I feel I have accomplished that in this one especially.

outside the western nut co downtown. the dark chocolate chiptole almonds were truly awful, but the sweet onion marmalade has changed my life!