June 27, 2010

sizes: rutabaga

25 weeks
note: i'd never bought one of these before, and i was a little scared of it when i did buy it.... but now, since i have made carrots and rutabagas in a honey-lemon glaze, these are going to become something i buy regularly. (don't waste food, so i've made something or eaten each thing after i've photographed it for the project)

June 25, 2010

sizes: lime

12 weeks
and a light leak. guess i've got some sleuthing to do.....

June 22, 2010

Have I mentioned....

that I LOVE photographing?!

I especially love being able to TALK about photography with other people who are of like mind.... And walking into a "gallery" of my own work today (five 16x20's framed identically on my wonderful friend's wall) made me LOVE IT even more!

The sale on bookings ENDS JUNE 30TH. $50 is INSANELY LOW for a portrait, not to mention a large format commission. I shoot ALL film for these portraits, ALL large format. If you're kinda on the fence, JUMP OFF. Heaven knows you won't regret it. These are priceless and I don't even feel "too prideful" for saying so! Book by June 30th, your session can be any time this summer.


June 18, 2010

in just a little while

I'm going to be back with my muse, Megan. I'm SOOOO excited. Megan has modeled for me more than ANYONE ELSE EVER (even beats out my sisters, who have always been great sports about my learning process... I distinctly remember dressing Rachel up as a "skater" when she was, oh, probably 6). I have never taken a picture of her that didn't automatically make it into my favorites. She's just like Mary Poppins (practically perfect in every way).

CAN'T WAIT. for real.

June 11, 2010

though i've been shooting.....

ALLL the rest of my time is with this cute lil' miss!

June 5, 2010

is this what T thinks regularly?

Quite the response for this sale, I must say!
Here are a couple of the FAQ's I've gotten, so if you are thinking about participating, here's some more info:
The SALE is only for individual sessions. However, I am also including no film charge on other sessions. (so if you have 2 kids + spouse, and wanted to do your family in this BEAUTIFUL way, it would be the standard 175, but no film charge.)
To be part of the SALE, you must submit back a contract and your session fee by the end of June. Sessions can take place any time this summer, but it needs to have been set up THIS MONTH.
Thanks to those for have booked so far. I'm already a busy lady until the 29th of this month with just a few spots in between.
Contact me by phone or email: 801.369.3197 alisha@alishastamper.com

June 4, 2010

there's something in the air!

my favorite blogger, Leslie of The Good Report, is celebrating her 3rd year in blogland! One lucky winner will receive two GORGEOUS prints. VERY summery and lovely! CHECK IT OUT!