March 28, 2010

dear readers:

this blog is on indefinite hiatus... well, its definitely on hiatus, I just doubt that I will post here again. It was kinda sucking the life out of me. All work, personal and work-wise, will now be HERE, on my fine art blog.... cause having two is so not worth it.

I am no longer in the biz of families and engagements and weddings. NOPE. Its not me. Finally, I have accepted and taken the step (well, this was about 6 months ago, so sorry about the delay on here) that I am ONLY doing large format work. It is specific and specialized and something I love.

SO, spread the word. Large format rocks!

March 18, 2010


she's here. i'll be back photographing soon.

March 7, 2010

a note about procrastination

I don't think it exists.

We prioritize. We do the things we want first (sometimes the things we should).

If the other things don't get done, we've come up with this wonderful word procrastination to blame for our priorities. So we don't have to actually own up to others that finishing it, doing a complete job, or having a better timeline didn't really matter as much as other things.

Here's to hoping I'll own up a little more. Yes, sometimes we ARE, in fact, busy, and things don't get done in the most timely manner. But you know what? We still eat, sleep, play with the kids, etc. THINGS do get done when we're busy, just not the things we say we're "procrastinating."

I think there is something refreshing about just accepting your own flow and where your priorities are sometimes... (or, realizing them, and changing the priority placement). Maybe try it out this spring. I know I will.

the last crafty post. I PROMISE

oh ok. so there is a reason it will be the last one. I don't have any more onesies to sew! I did all five that I thought I might accomplish before the baby. Here are the last three.

March 5, 2010

so bored

that i sewed these onesies for the baby last night.

First up--

a little bird in the sun

secondly, just some fun embellishment.

March 4, 2010

finished: the flower garden

I finished up the blanket I was making for the baby. I know this is crafty-mommy info, but seriously, real photo is NOT happening in the next few days. Now, afterwards, sure. but not right now.

Final dimensions are 48x38. Each circle is about 2" when finished. Its 11 blocks by 9 blocks (a block being four circles sewn together to make a square). SO, 99 total blocks, four squares each. I don't wanna post the whole number of circles because it makes my head spin a little.

This is just a closer up view of them all sewn. the holes in between look really big, but keep in mind, the circles are just 2 inches, so its kinda like an afghan with holes. Not really hole-y. I decided I'm not going to back it onto anything. I just like how it is. Maybe with another one. I love that this is 100% handsewn. I did every last bit of it by hand. Wahoo!
Decided to officially dub it "the flower garden." my friend carrie said that is what it looked like, and I agree. So glad it turned out and wasn't hideous (like I thought it would be about halfway through).

March 2, 2010

they do a celebrity look-a-like thing for you, right? So i figured I'd try it out.

Apparently I look (in that picture) like Raven Symone and ADAM SANDLER.


Here's the image I used. What do you think?