October 29, 2009

can someone who loves me:

please buy this dress from the gap on the off-chance that i have a girl? please?

October 28, 2009

colorado: sleuthing

this lovely couple was eating their lunch on this rock.
their hats link them remarkably.
I kept trying to get a picture of them.

they were watching me.

i felt instinctively they would not consent to me taking a photograph.
my heart rate began to rise each time i thought they would say something to me.
I tried my best, knew i had failed...
and went on to photograph in the orchard (yesterday's post) and at the campus chapel (post coming up).

somehow, we got to talking with them. THEY WERE TOURISTS, TOO. HAD NO IDEA I WAS TRYING TO PHOTOGRAPH THEM. were monumentally nice about it and posed for me. We exchanged information and I'm sending them a print. I sure hope they like it.

sometimes it is really worth it to ask.

October 27, 2009

colorado: myself

I wanted a nice picture of myself. these trees were incredible. we (marti and i) were on a self-guided tour of a college campus in durango, colorado. it is not a usual thing that someone can take a picture exactly the way you envisioned it. but somehow, my dear friend did just that. I love the lines the trees create, receding to the right and simultaneously drawing your eye to me and towards the busy branches. I want this to be an image my children know well, one that speaks to them and says, "This. THIS is my mother."

October 26, 2009

why i should never be involved in airport pickups

On aug. 29th, I had the worst airport experience of my life.* It was so horrendous I didn't even write about it on here because it was too "everyday personal life" and that is not so much what this blog is about for me. However, now that i have had a 2nd altercation (in mid-september) with involvement in airport happenings, its time to share the hilarity. It can't be helped. ESPECIALLY since a camera got involved this time around.

I picked up my sister's friend from the airport and gave her a little tour of SLC. When said sister and her husband (pictured above), came to pick up her lovely friend, he took the keys to my car to retrieve her luggage. He decided to throw the keys to his wife (didn't want to come up the stairs, which I completely understand, we are on the 3rd floor)... however, keys had their own plans. They went onto the roof.

So, this image is of my brother-in-law, on top of my roof, retrieving my keys. This was not an awful event, frankly it was kinda hilarious. However, it is now seeming to be that certain activities are stacking up against me. I could write a LONG novella (oxymoron, I know) on my adventures, altercations and assaults at the grocery store Smiths.

Do I need to stop doing any airport activities and stop going to the grocery store? Seriously. Even a girl from DC with the ability to whip out east coast attitude at a snap has had enough.

*The aug. 29th incident involved a smoking car, lost keys, and a tow-truck leaving my car because they would not waive the $3 parking fee I was told was a courtesy. Would not take payment over the phone. Involved me at my pregnant-wit's-end, sobbing, because I had to teach a bunch of nine-year-olds at church the next day about how adversity makes us stronger. the irony was not lost on me then, nor is it now, but the whole thing was deplorable. Seriously, the Grimm Brothers were sitting in the corner while I was telling it, and even they were saying NO WAY.

October 21, 2009

wednesdays: film and soccer

I'm back to film in my regular, snap-shotty life. This was a low-cost B&W C-41 process film (same process as color negative, just doesn't have the dyes in the emulsion layers, and so is b&w). nice that is isn't as expensive, but is extra grainy without very much tonality or dark tone depth. I will say, though, It is so definitively FILM, which makes it appeal to in spite of its deficiencies. We had finished taking our family pictures and we were playing soccer in a field. W had just brought the ball to me and T was chasing him. I love his gleeful smile, how big he's getting, and his sense of play.

October 18, 2009


I went to Colorado at the end of September to see a Steve McCurry show (If you don't recognize the name, I bet you recognize one of his photographs. It is one of the most famous in the world). My friend Marti and I also headed to a few small towns and she was more impulsive about me photographing that I am (which is a true testament to a friend who WILLINGLY travels with a photographers. We're HORRENDOUS travel companions). I shot almost the entire trip on film. The almost is because I unwittingly left my mamiya at home. Not the film for it, no, I brought that, but the actual camera was left. I did have my trusty Canon AE-1, a 35mm, with which all these were shot. I LOVE film.

And so, without further ado:

This first image was shot on the side of the road. That little white house took my breath away. We were in between Durango and Silverton (a wicked little train goes from one to the other, any little boy or girl's fantasy trip. Take it with your kids!). Marti pulled off the road, I ran across the road (hope my husband isn't reading this, he'd freak!), and walked along to frame my shot... If my memory serves me correctly, I was not wearing my shoes at this point. I'd had them off in the car, they hurt my feet, so I just went bare. I love how the tree in the foreground is so imposing, and the house is quite nestled.

I wish I could share this image larger, because it is GORGEOUS. The deer are fully in their element and it just makes me happy... makes me remember allllll the deer I saw growing up in northern virginia.

hehe. this bike looks like a person. pleased to meet you, sir!

AND my absolute favorite from the trip. He was busy. I just kept waiting. They brought me out a stool to photograph some taxidermy mounted on the wall of this hunting shop (with some KILLER siggs if I do say so. Should have bought another). He was perfectly nice, but is the owner, I guess, and was only there because the computers were down that day.... so he was needed. His misfortune was my fortune. This is probably one of my favorite images I have EVER taken of a man. He has a fantastic face and I wish I could have photographed him more. I'm glad they all thought I was a nobody (maybe I am a little?) because he, and the other workers there, were so willing to engage me and help me with my photographic obsession.... maybe it was just that, I was so eager to photograph... but maybe it was that I'm pregnant. Either way, FAVORITE of the trip!

There's much more to come, still have film to pick up from the lab, but had to share a few!

October 7, 2009

wednesdays: music

he's big enough to sit in those chairs. when did that happen?

October 5, 2009

i'm a lucky girl

I get to be around this sweet smile all the time. Here's to three years, babe. I love you.

October 1, 2009

wednesdays: adventures

probably one of my favorite images from this year (and this series).