September 24, 2009

gone for four days

i'm off to cortez, durango, ridgeway and lots of places inbetween. I'll have lots of pictures to show once i'm back.

September 22, 2009

Should Photo-retouching be Regulated?

This is related to photography of course, but my opinion on the matter is not strictly based on my role as a photographer, but also as a parent (and let's be honest, as a woman who has had these ads shoved down her throat by the media since I could SEE).

You can read a little snippet article about this HERE

I particularly like this quote:

"...members of the British Parliament are calling for a ban on digitally altering ads aimed at children under 16, and disclosure of these modifications in ads aimed at adults....The house’s more liberal types have even gone as far as to recommend compulsory “media literacy” lessons to teach kids that such images should not be viewed as realistic portrayals of beauty." (can I add, not only portrayals of beauty, but should not be viewed as guidelines or standards, etc?)

I found this all from Scott Kelby's blog and he admittedly does not think this is necessary, but this more I've been paying attention to kids shows and advertising (check out the CCFC), there are a lot of messages I am not comfortable with not only as a parent, but as an American and citizen of the world at large.

I think media literacy lessons are a smart idea. Yes, some of these Disney kids stars are pretty, but they are NOT perfect, and that is what is always portrayed. In general, I don't manipulate my images. Yes, I remove huge acne spots that are not chronic when I am doing a family session or bridals or something, but moreso, I pay attention to the lighting and photograph them beautifully in the first place, AS THEY ARE. Wrinkles are real, and frankly, beautiful to me. Just saying.

September 21, 2009

baby is the size of

image found here

so the names we came up with that we will NEVER use are


September 19, 2009


It isn't often that you photograph someone you know and realize that you could photograph them for hours, days, a month straight even. It is even less frequent when you have that privilege on someone you are photographing for a client.

I mean, seriously, look at how clear her eyes are.

And the BEST mouth and neck, I completely love the above image. Her jawline is breathtaking.

Honest eyes.
And, of course, feminine pride. That is something that is inherent, it can't be taught. And she definitely has it in spades.

All images were shot with a Large Format Camera with FILM.

September 11, 2009

fresh from the garden.

well, certainly not my garden. (haven't gotten that dream yet) all the same, so pretty. i love stills. do you remember last year around this time when I was similarly enamoured with things from the garden? I think I might have a yearly theme. (And it couldn't have come at a better time. Those ideas of mine back then were lovely, huh? I will be taking my own advice, thank you.)


i woke from a daze. my sister was on the phone crying (not a usual thing for that sister). she said, we're at war. i knew she wasn't joking. i ran into the hallway of my S hall 7th floor dorm. most of the girls were there, gathered in the small space, trying to deal with what was happening in our world. somehow, i mustered up the energy, hope and faith to suggest we pray. i have no idea how. people have told me it strengthened them. i can't believe it was me. so we all kneeled down in our little hallway and prayed. i don't remember if i said it or someone else did. then my sister picked me up and we spent the rest of the day listening to busy signals trying to get ahold of my family. my father worked fairly regularly at the pentagon. being from dc and identifying with the big cities of the east coast, having something like this happen when i hadn't been away from home very long (i was in my first freshman semester of college), was earth-shattering. i think i withdrew from one of my classes because i couldn't handle all of it.

as we found out later, he wasn't there that day. my brother and a boy i was flirting with at the time both saw the plane go into the pentagon.

and amidst all that, what i remember most from that time is the broadcast given by president gordon b. hinckley, then leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. seeing the mormon tabernacle in black is a photographic memory for me. however, his words were comforting, hope-filling and inspired. i am so grateful that i know where i can look for solace and guidance then and now.

September 10, 2009

completely fascinated

with the things nature comes up with.

September 9, 2009

hot pockets

yesterday we went on a nesting trip. we bought bookcases. 71 inches high and 5 shelves each, and i am breathing deeply and feeling at home amidst my books. Of course I can raise TWO intelligent children, look at all these BOOKS! (as a side tangental note, they were the crappy kind, but they were buy one get one free, so I couldn't resist. My only regret is that I thought to cover the back with cool fabric before T nailed them on, because that would be really cool looking and would make me feel all modern and crafty-cool... and thrifty since we did it ourselves. fabric like maybe this):or maybe this:

oh! or even this!

ANYWAY, well, while we were out we got to talking about dinner. as of late i'm unavailable every so often for dinner. sick feeling, tired, and general hormonal grouchiness have my sweet husband sending me off to bed with a book. (to tell you the frequency, I read Gone With the Wind in under a week). Well, though my diet is stellar in usual life, pregnancy this time is ALL about the junk, much to my chargin. My stomach hates it later, but it is ALL i want. yesterday was pizza from The Pie, cotton candy and cooler ranch doritos. completely disgusting, even The Pie wasn't good to my tastes after the first bite.

image copyright
by Daniela Edburg
image from here
you can view her work on her website

However, before we got home, I indicated that I kinda wanted Hot Pockets. Now, T and I completely agree on this point, Hot Pockets are disgusting. Here's a little background info: we don't have a microwave. We're only in our second place ever since we got married, and our first place provided one, so when we moved we didn't buy one and we're kind of enjoying it. Food tastes better when heated in the oven, soup on the stove doesn't burn your mouth (or your hands because you don't heat up the bowl). Things SMELL done, none of this 2nd-guessing and 30-second-more-ing. We like the oven. Anyway, T commented that it would take 30 minutes to heat up a Hot Pocket for me. And it was the funniest thing I have heard in who knows how long. Could NOT stop laughing. 30 minutes for a Hot Pocket. so not worth it. So we got The Pie. I will never ever ever tell them that they only beat out Hot Pockets because a Hot Pocket would have taken 30 minutes.

MATTER: Rachel

(what the crap is going on with conversions and their introduced pixelation!? NOT happy)

the avenger, the loyal, the strong

I was in the studio last week. While I'm waiting for my sheet film (large format) and 120 (medium format) to be processed, this is a quick one I grabbed with the digital.