June 30, 2009

within walking distance: LDS conference center


Hopefully this picture shows, even just a little, what an AMAZING building this is. Regardless of your personal religious level or affiliation, the architecture not only ROCKS but it is a great tribute to the faith of those who gather there.

p.s. this is the first picture T told me was quote "really cool." He wants to print it and put it up in the house. Hooray! (I feel the same. I LOVE this picture. Probably my favorite from the series so far).

within walking distance: new favorite place


W has a new friend. His mom and I have started walking together a few days a week. I can't get enough of this picture. I think I am going to do some fun things with it and put it up in the house.

This is all beside the point. I have a NEW favorite place. It has views like THIS:


and THIS:


And on the walk home I get to see THIS:


In case you were wondering, I LOVE Salt Lake City!

within walking distance: texture and color, oh my!


I LOVE this picture. Totally worth backtracking to get it.

as a side note, I'm really glad we don't live in a building that has shower tile on the outside. Its a little tacky.

within walking distance: enabling imagination


I know I already did a post about the Salt Lake City Main Library being within walking distance (it still is, though farther away), this is my FAVORITE place INSIDE the library (and W's too). Its in the children's area, and it has a skylight (so, the most BEEEEAUTIFUL light). It is a magical place. I hope someday we have an attic that is just as much fun!

June 27, 2009

within walking distance: masonic temple


Back in the DC area, there is a BEAUTIFUL masonic temple in old town Alexandria. It is a landmark that I was used to seeing regularly. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I started walking by the one here in SLC regularly. Though, I will say, the sphinx-y guys in the front remind me of a certain statue in Gilgal Garden.

June 25, 2009

within walking distance: eagle gate


Did you know that this gate (which is over State Street at South Temple) was originally made of wood and was atop a wall around Brigham Young's property? I think it is pretty cool. Glad I took the time to actually LOOK at it.

June 24, 2009

the family



Our nephew. Silly, sweet, capricious, like all five year olds should be. He sat like a GEM when I was doing the Large Format, but he has so many facets of his personality I wanted to catch a few more. I love you, little man!

wednesdays: big little man


while I was in the studio last friday photographing the family Large Format I caught some of W with my digital. There was literally no way I would be able to get him to sit still long enough to do a portrait with my cambo (my particular brand of LF camera). A girl can dream, right? What I SHOULD have done, was get a sweet shot of him when he was just newborn. Looking back, I know I was too tired and new to it all to do it, but I won't let that stop me down the road. OH no.

June 21, 2009

"the Mother of all Living"


on friday I was in the studio all day doing large format for all sorts of things (more to come from that). I grabbed a few digital shots so I could show what I'm working on in between processing and posting the film shots. There are more from this fine art maternity shoot on my client blog. CHECK IT OUT!

June 17, 2009

can i tell you that i love:


these shots I did of Hannah for my MATTER project? Because it doubled a little as a client session, there are more on my client blog. Take a LOOK

June 6, 2009

i promise

that i'm not dead. we haven't switched over the internet at the new digs (more on that to come), and so i'm woefully and blissfully unconnected at the moment.

June 1, 2009

within walking distance: vegan peanut butter muffins


i abstained, but maybe you shouldn't. they looked delectable!