May 31, 2009

May 29, 2009

within walking distance: "high class" graffiti

well, at least i can be glad that someone likes music enough to create a stencil to use for defacing public property.

May 28, 2009

within walking distance: the post office

needed to send some prints to a client, so i walked there. that was the goal of the walk. i enjoyed it very much, especially the lady who kept calling me ma'am with a SWEET southern accent.

May 27, 2009

wednesdays: his father's outfit




Photobucketa few things:
how have i not done his one-year official portraits yet?
can these count a little bit?
isn't this outfit unbelieveably cute in ALL its retro appeal? when we went to visit grandma & grandpa stamper when W was just two months old, she gave us this cute outfit that used to be T's. I LOVE IT.

p.s. the top picture is giving me a headache. I feel like the top is crooked. its not. but it bends my head. scroll it to the top of your screen, so it just lines up with the top of the browser window. IT IS STRAIGHT.... but doesn't it not seem like it? or am i just tired?!

within walking distance: potential

look at this texture. would make the most beautiful black and white. i liked it so much from seeing it across the street, that i walked an extra 4 blocks to get around all the construction so i could take these pictures.

May 26, 2009

within walking distance: ivy

i am loving this wall. this walk was productive in terms of how many locations i found. LOVE IT.

my dear friend Kiera

So, I know I posted about this on facebook, so forgive me if you have already seen it, but I just must give credit and love to Kiera for taking pictures of me and Wallace last week. To quote Yukio Mishima, a subject of famed Japanese Photographer Eikoh Hosoe, "being seen by [her] lens was surreal."

image by Kiera Haddock, all rights reserved
Check it out!

(feel free to look up Hosoe. His images are some of my favorites I have ever seen. I didn't link anything about him simply because some of his work can be fairly graphic, so look it up at your own discretion.)

May 24, 2009

just in case you thought large format was easy.....

so the image below is straight outta camera. somehow a mix of developing and loading caused a monumental amount of scratches, chemical residue, and the like. the awful thing about this is that i LOVE this image. LOVE it enough to spend the time to make it look real pretty.

paula messy

film can be unpredictable sometimes.... there are so many elements that go into play when you are using something that requires more than bits and bytes. sometimes these little happenstances are marvelous. if this image was for another project, or just for me, i'd probably leave the mess... maybe only clean up around the face. it gives it character, shows that it is film. but sometimes, for beauty or to get the point across, the viewer needs the mess removed so he can just get to the point, agreed?

PhotobucketI LIKE that film keeps me on my toes. I have to keep telling film that I love it so it will behave. I actually enjoy spotting (digitally. hang me if it is on a silver print! egads). It is worth it to blow up the image to 100% and STILL see DETAIL in all the small and large parts of the image, not pixels. Film has personality in and of itself. And, thankfully, me and film get along just fine.

and then there were 3


here's the 3rd for my men's project. i am really enjoying putting these together. i won't be shooting for it again until the middle of june... so there is LOTS of time for you to talk to your male friends about sitting for me....he he he.

you can see the 1st one HERE

and the 2nd one HERE

within walking distance: independence


i didn't walk the same way as her, so i don't know how far she was going, but i loved that she picked herself up some bleach and a big can of pizza-flavor pringles (not pictured). I love that her socks match her dress. it just seemed really poignant to me that this lady was doing things for herself. (this might have been because a few blocks back i walked past a charter school at lunchtime... and all the teenage miscreants. i am completely an old curmudgeon who is biased against teenagers).

... and how can you blame me? the next day, i was walking in sugarhouse, and this choice individual was wearing no shirt.... and notice that white above the jeans? yeah, that is underwear, my friends. however, i must concede the point to a friend who pointed out, "body-wise, you never look better than your teens and early 20s... flaunt it while you can." HAHAHA

May 23, 2009

within walking distance: composition

it was just calling to me. take a picture of me!

May 22, 2009

mens project

here is another little snippet from my men's project that is currently in the works. You might remember a little peek from the first one I photographed for this. I've photographed 3 men so far. Keep 'em coming!

within walking distance: are you my mother?

I really love that book. But it was really sad about this bird.

saw this very scared little bird. he did not know where to go, other than away from me. the tree above was rife with tweeting birds. it must have fallen out. i always remember being told as a child that you don't mess with nests or baby birds because the mom will smell you, and then the baby will die. Does anyone know if that is true?

May 21, 2009

within walking distance: inch-worms

Was on a walk today with W and we found an inch-worm. I didn't have a way of taking a picture of his bright smiling face when he saw it... and i definitely couldn't get one of him holding it, because he wanted to poke it to death. He was completely enthralled.

image notes: today i went on a jog. because of this, i took a little point-and-shoot with me. All the posts for the next week will be with that camera. and i will completely admit that some of these pictures are not the best ever... and there is quite a bit of flare involved. the whole point is for me to go out walking with W, so i don't feel soooo bad.

May 18, 2009



she is the keeper of my secrets, the listener to all my rants, the confidence in myself as a mother.

image notes:
read this article on strobist, and i must admit, i'm slightly wary of trying new lighting. Amy is trying to beat it out of me (mercilessly, i might add), but when I am given promises like:

... you could up the background flash by a stop if you wanted. Or two. Or three. And none of them would look bad. They would just look different. It's the closest thing you will ever get to a "horse shoes and hand grenades" fudge factor in lighting. Don't believe me? Try it and see for yourself....

I CANNOT find an excuse to not try it. I'll probably do more, mess around with it, but I am glad to have some new lighting to try in my repetoire.

May 17, 2009


Jeff LF

jeff is an unbelievable painter. SERIOUSLY. I first saw his work 7 years ago, and it continues to inspire me and help me see people in different ways. I had the opportunity to sit for him and he was gracious enough to do the same. Talking about REAL art, face to face, brought me back. thank you.

within walking distance: most good

isn't that a little presumptious? the MOST good? or am I naive and the salvation army is the best thing around?

big bus


Can someone please volunteer to be photographed with this bus? Laura Ostler, I'm talking to you. Please get back to Utah.

But, no, really. Someone, who is in Utah, volunteer. I must photograph this bus with a person. I can't take it anymore.

May 16, 2009

So, I'm Selling.

I am selling my wedding dress. I know I'll never make baby blankets or blessing outfits. Spread the word. Ad can be viewed here

within walking distance: senior center


May 15, 2009

within walking distance: great food and the face of mary



maybe i can't say great chinese, seeing as i have not yet eaten here, but it comes highly recommended, from a reliable source.

i did go up the stairs to see the face. i couldn't see it. maybe i am like henry poole. one thing is for certain, salt lake is a religious place.

May 14, 2009

starting, MATTER


so, this is essentially straight outta camera, just scanned it, no touchups yet. But I just so excited about these images I COULDN'T WAIT! The premise of MATTER is that I want to have photographs, REAL photographs, of people who matter to me. I want my children to know who these people are that I will tell them stories about. I want them to have something tangible to hold, to SHOW them that these people MATTER. I want to continue to hone my skills in my craft while using people who I CARE that I photographed. Each image will have a little snippet about the person and why she(or he) MATTERS.

You can see the rest of this project by clicking HERE.

April let me realize that I am a nice person. She was my first REAL friend after I became a married lady. I like who I am when I am with her.

within walking distance: 59 seats and 62 koreans



I know that Mrs. Kim and Lane are Seventh Day Adventists, but, well, call me a pop culture junkie, but whenever I think of Koreans and church, I think of them.

May 11, 2009

within walking distance: patriotism.... and self-importance


When I took this picture on one of my walks, I asked the lady, who was in her garden, if I could. She asked what it was for, so I briefly explained the project. She asked what the end result would be, I said, maybe a book. (unlikely, but who knows?). After I had taken the picture, she then asked, in what form would her royalties come, since I was taking a picture of the flag SHE made. Oh Americans, our ignorant arrogance. For future reference, if I do make a book, I won't include this one. (and as a side note, I did offer to email her a picture of it, to which she flippantly refused and scoffed. Wasn't that a nice and regular thing to offer?)

May 9, 2009

becoming her

dear mom,

do you remember the first time you showed me the picture of you in the orange pioneer dress? that was the first time i consciously realized, and reveled in the fact, that i look just like you. i love that i look like you, mom.

i see you every morning, every evening, and multiple times in between while i play with wallace and his reflection in the mirror.

i see you when i read stories all day.

i see you when i sing to my heart's content during church.

i see you every time i am moved by the beauty of classical music.

i see you when wallace and i have dance parties in the middle of the day.

i see you when i tell stories well ("you are going to BOMB my house?!")

i see you when i champion nursing and mother's knowledge.

you are right next to me when i order bean burritos (with no red sauce, green sauce only).

you whisper in my ear how to calm worried babies and love them into laughter.

i see you in the mountains. they sing your name to me when the sunrise breaks through.

i see you in my desire to continually self educate.

i see you every time i cook well (brissons know how to COOK!),

every time someone asks me for a recipe,

every time i tell about larry lizard, the littlest angel, and wallace purling.

because of you, i can dub myself, "flamingo feather retriever",

i know the color of giraffes tongues,

i know plants can get sunburnt,

that spiders are not scary (except when they are),

and that dogs are the best alarm systems.

you taught me to love everything, to live every minute, and serve tirelessly.

thank you for teaching me, my entire life, that i am worth investing in.

i am lucky to have been chosen to be your daughter.



May 5, 2009

To the Letter


My darling niece took this picture of me while we were out doing a shoot today. I completely love this font, so clean and modern. And its really nice to have a picture of me. I need to do more of those, I guess.

May 4, 2009

morten lauridsen

I had the opportunity to attend one of the Madeleine Festival Concerts tonight and last night. They performed a song by this composer. I was able to sing some of his beautiful pieces while in the Hayfield Madrigals, and I still am moved to tears when I hear his pieces. They are the definition of God music. There are a lot more concerts, and they are free, so attend if you are in the area. Listen and enjoy!

May 3, 2009

God's promises



Yesterday, my little family and I were heading home from a romp at the mall (WHEN is that last time that happened?!), and we take our exit into the city, and the most beautiful FULL rainbow is over Salt Lake. It started around the wells fargo building on one end, then around 2100s on the other. As we made our way home, it continued, and I could still see some of it from my house. It only lasted about 10 minutes total, I am so glad I could run into the house and grab my camera. LOVELY!