April 29, 2009

didn't know people other than Jordan had houses like this

PhotobucketSo this is at the end of the hall, in a portico. There was one (different poses) on each end.

That is what the hallway looks like. Unbelievable art on the walls, marble on the floors. The WHOLE package. Oh yeah, and did you notice those marble columns?? Wish I had been there longer to photograph.

April 28, 2009

ITROW--running water

click images to see larger

trying out the new stuff

My friend April was willing to come sit for me
while I tried out my new light.

Photobucket We chased around our kids, around the equipment
and wires were flying everywhere.

PhotobucketThen we had to cuddle them and calm them because of course
they were wanting our distracted attention.

And then finally, I got a new truthful image.

I'm really glad I have friends who are willing to sit for me while I try out project ideas. AND if you remember THIS POST, it has now come to fruition: this background is a curtain. Now, understandably, this is not to the full level I am planning on using it. I'll be getting a C stand soon, that's how I standardly like to hoist my backgrounds, since I don't do much full body. I haven't found a softbox yet that I'd be happy with, so this is an umbrella. Haven't found a softbox because I'm much too accustomed to shooting with ones that are at least 4 feet on one side, which is wildly impractical right now, and I know the light would fall too fast for me to get the power I wanted (for f/stop ratio, etc) if I was using one, but all the same, nice to have a little set up to do some tabletop stuff in my house. YAY!

April 27, 2009

Giveaway Winner Is......


Amy! So, you can look forward to seeing this beauty in the mail. Thanks so much to all my respondents (facebook and phone calls and emails. My goodness! Sunday night could not get here fast enough!)

call for models


I need male models, age 15-ish through old old. Please refer any guys you know. I need about 50, so this is a slightly major endeavor. I would prefer to have the sessions between either 9-12 or after 4pm. I want to finish the project up by the end of the summer.

So, if you know any guys who are great, or interesting, or just male, and are up for being part of a large project, please send any info my way via email: alisha@alishastamper.com I promise I'm really fun and the experience will be painless. I promise. The shoots will last approximately 1 hour.



T spoiled me. We went to Moutainside, a Marriott vacation club in Park City, Utah. I went to the other vacation club last May with my sister, but I DEFINITELY like this one more. So GORGEOUS. Right next to the slopes. There was still a lot of snow, but the weather was beautiful. Nice and sunny.

Here's our bed:


And the pool:


selfportrait: I'm officially 26.


another selfportrait a la Kiera:


p.s. just noticed the plate is undone right above me in that shot. Makes me think: horror movies, AND ocean's eleven.


W is officially walking. Officially.




New family photo:


And that night, outside my kitchen, blooming flowery tree. LOVE LOVE!


perfect birthday.

April 21, 2009

new website and a giveaway!

So, I've been looking for about a month into doing a website I could be happy with. I've written MULTIPLE pages myself, finally, I caved, and went for a template. I'm still messing around with it, and not completely sure that I will keep this one... or get the other I've been eyeing, but all the same, CHECK IT OUT! I'm only highlighting my personal work. That is what I do photography for. And what I'm recommitting myself to. Someone told me recently I do not highlight my personal work and vision enough. Well, that is changing now.

So please, look at it, send me emails, etc. It is not done by any sort of sense of the word, but still, I bet you'll all think of things that won't even dawn on me when I AM done. So, help a sister out. CHECK IT OUT!


(p.s. as further incentive: I am willing to give a 4x5 custom matted print from unmadeup to a *random* contributor of suggestions/advice). So email a suggestion/comment, and which image you'd like. You've got until 11:59 MST on Sunday. The winner will be announced Monday.

April 15, 2009

beautiful beautiful

is it just me, or are these INSANELY beautiful?! man oh man. I loved them so much, I looked right away to maybe have T get them for my birthday next week.... then I looked at the price. EGADS! $298! I hate anthro!

love maria!!

love this! watch, then watch some more!!

April 14, 2009

within walking distance: determination


whenever I want to go anywhere, I have to walk up THIS! seriously, having discipline and determination is within walking distance for me.

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!


Hope yours is enjoyable and full of springtime weather! (not to mention chocolate bunnies, etc.) Tomorrow is the day for dead bunny cake*. Can't wait!

*dead bunny cake is something my mother makes every year. She goes as soon as the stores open the day after easter, buys all the expensive chocolate bunnies (that are about 75% off at the point), then makes a yellow cake with the most delectable chocolate frosting (from the bunnies). You should try it!

April 10, 2009

The Artist-Museum Partnership Act

Amy Stein brought this to my attention this morning. Thank you, Google Reader.

So, I guess I was not "in the know" about this. I haven't donated work to be auctioned for charity, though it does seem like a GREAT idea, and something I would love to do. However, now that I'm abreast of the situation with taxes.... I can't help but think "ewww."

I doubt it will keep me from donating, but, COME ON.

April 8, 2009

Large Format


I love large format.
Completely, Utterly, Totally.
Thank you again, Claire.
Next shoot is April 20th. I'm STOKED!

April 3, 2009

April is in my mistress' face


April is my favorite month. Not only is it my birthday month, but I sincerely love rain. I love the smell of it, being in it, everything. April showers bring May flowers, and I couldn't be happier. I took latin in high school, in case you didn't know, and because of that, I am slightly (completely) nerdy about word derivations. "The traditional etymology [for April] is from the Latin aperire, "to open,"" (according to wikipedia). WELL, April means honest self-evaluation and openess, the ability to renew myself and enjoy all my senses as the world does the same.

Not only that, but THIS is happening this weekend. Listening to inspired men and women on the watchtower always helps me not only mend myself, but it enlarges me and my ability to do the things I love, to worship and praise through any and all talents I have been blessed with. If you are so inclined, I hope you get the most out of general conference possible.

a few notes:
title: from a madrigal I sang in choir in high school.
the image: a few doors down. They have the most beautiful flowers every spring, and I was SO excited to see something finally acting alive.

April 1, 2009

large format bridals?


I'm toying with the idea of offering large format bridals to clients. Through the amazing connections that all women have (you know, best friend status with your hairstylist, your dry cleaner, the bank teller, etc.), I have starting working with a hair and make-up artist named Annie O'Connor. She did my latest chop of the hair, which looks fabulous, if I do say so myself, and she was wanting some new images, and I was wanting to try out this bride thing, with my own style, so we worked together on this one. I'm happy with the results. My truly devoted and amazing friend Claire was willing to come model for me. Good thing, too, because T says she is my most attractive friend :O) (He has not met all of my friends, so no one freak out, please).

He kept asking me what Claire was GETTING for coming and modeling. I told him I'd be giving her images, but that didn't make sense to him. So I explained that I was going to be making her a delicious veggie sandwich (she's vegetarian).... still no comprehension. So I explained that she got to wear her wedding dress again, get more bridals, get her hair and make-up done. That to me, makes perfect sense. What girl wouldn't enjoy being pampered, eating gourmet-y food and taking beautiful pictures of herself, right? T's end, NO comprehension.

I personally enjoy the difference between the sexes.

Additionally, it has been three years since I shot in studio. THREE YEARS. I think I caught back up to speed by the end, definitely did with the large format images, but man, have I been having nightmares about speedotrons. ek. But now that I have a studio available, oh my, the fun I'll be having and the projects I'll be doing!

P.S. the actual large format images will be coming in the next few days. Just dropped them off at the lab.