February 28, 2009

valentine's day revisited

I'm not fond of Oprah. I do not for the life of me understand why a show would be about men cheating 2 DAYS before Valentine's Day. Seriously. And then, THE NIGHT BEFORE, NBC put this great program on the air:


I'm sure you can guess what that was about.

All is well in Valentine-land here, however. I received these:


February 27, 2009

the endless debate-- black and white or color







I cannot decide which I like better. I love the muted colors, but the tonality of the black and whites is great too. Either way, I'm seeing a lot of these spoons.

February 26, 2009

don't get mad, get the camera


So, I subscribe to multiple photoblogs (which apparently is not as abnormal as I thought), and they give me such inspiration and a sense of normalcy about my love for photography. They also are therapeutic in the sense that I see how others deal with life through photography, and find the time for it, which is something that has been hard for me with a little tazmanian devil crawling around.

Well, one of them posted an interview with Brad Slade, and his words have been like rain in the Sahara for me. Case in point-- see photograph above. My lipgloss was left in my pocket, and melted and got EVERYWHERE on our clothes in the drying cycle. Now, this has happened me before. Coincidentally, it was the last time I owned colored lipgloss. It was the night before I got on a plane to go marry my darling husband. And it ruined all my favorite clothes then. Wellllllllll, this time it didn't necessarily ruin my favorite clothes, what mom has those anymore?! Oh no, it ruined my ONLY clothes, the ones that fit right now in the post baby body.

BUT, instead of getting mad, I got the camera (as Slade suggests). And it was easy for me to just deal with the pink spotted clothes... (let's be honest, it was that, and that I went and got some new shirts for cheaps at the downeast warehouse). I am happy with this image. Oh it evokes memories for me.

So, next time you do something not so smart, and have to deal with the consequences of your own actions, don't get mad: get the camera.

(And not only is this interview great, but Brad Slade photographs for the magazine Seeing the Everyday. I think I just might actually subscribe to that one in print.)

February 25, 2009




This was one of the awful-est plane rides in my existence. I feel COMPLETELY guilty even saying that after watching this, but it was a wednesday, and I did make sure to photograph W even though all the passengers around me were obviously monumentally (love those adverbs) annoyed.

February 24, 2009

25 is the new 18

I have not been pursuing this project as much as I should, which is bad because the shoots end April 22. SO SOON! so here's the deal--

It is still open to any one who is, who has been 25 between April 2008 and April 2009. The photo session is free, images are available for online proofing, prints can be ordered a la carte. I want to create a compilation of images for this project, so spread the word to everyone you know. It's not everyday you can be photographed as part of a social project!

View the inital post idea and work-up here

February 19, 2009

domesticating myself by perusing the internets

so i'm making some little t-shirts for the bub, sewing little animals on and what not (there will be pictures if the results are not catastrophic)... and whilst searching, i found something very interesting--there is a person who is living my "when we have money and can COMPLETELY follow our dreams" life. She's in paris. Great designer, writer, photographer. Found her on etsy, which is great, and then all her other amazing attributes can spilling out. The only thing making me not freakishly stalker-ish is that she also is pinning after a SWEET apartment, like this one

.... well, post-redesign at least. As one comment aptly put it, "they have traded in class and elegant minimalism for a night at the Roxbury." Someday I will live somewhere I OWN and is beautiful and all our style.

February 18, 2009

birthday cake

February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

This is what I made for the women I visit teach-- fudge, chocolate dipped peanut butter balls and pecan clusters (or as we call them in my family: turtles). After photographing all of this I realized I had my ISO at 1600 from some funky shots I did last night, so talk about disappointment! All the same, I hope your Valentine's Day is great!

February 13, 2009


yum yum yum. it looked so good I HAD to photograph it. Scrambled eggs with fresh minced parsley, red onions and parmesan cheese. BEAUTIFUL.

February 11, 2009

new favorite thing--
watching at the door, waiting for daddy to come home.

and i want to paint this place.
just the view from my window. altered, of course. I'm enjoying watching the new building go up. right now it is just the best outline, ripe with potential for the skyline.

February 9, 2009

WWD--the symphony

this post is certainly delayed, and I haven't put my stamp on the pictures, but here they are. I love abravanel hall. Marti has great season's tickets (which I not-so-secretly covet). I had forgotten how great it is in there. She told me they do tours, so I'm looking at going again during the day and doing some nice shots.