January 23, 2009

lack of work


my tripod plate is in Virginia. Lack of sunshine= lack of photographs.

i'm bummed.
hoped you're not too bummed.

it will be here by monday... i hope.

January 21, 2009

Wednesday--the last of virginia images

these definitely do not match in terms of style, but I need to get the rest of them up from when we were in DC. I got my chi, ka, soul, whatever, back in DC. I'm photographically happy.

January 14, 2009

wednesday project

Just a few more from my parents house. I love his face in the bottom one. That is his most usual look. He is always looking at me that way, before smiles before tears, always.

January 12, 2009

ITROW-- chocolate

nothing says feminine like lace... and nothing combats everything female like chocolate, eh, right?

(p.s. I REALLY love the black and white one. it was not what I was going for when I shot these, but it pops for me. I'm happy with the other ones, and they will stay part of the project, but that one was my fun alternative process image)

January 7, 2009

wednesday project--so big!

Took advantage of the 3 nice windows in the guest bedroom in my parents house and caught this. Not sure which version I like more. He has grown A TON since being out in DC.

January 5, 2009

ITROW-- enough eggs

Look at this picture, and then read this.

This is quite possibly one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. Written so eloquently and perfectly. I had fallen behind in my journaling months ago, and I do not know that I would have remembered this later to write it down. But it overtakes me now. I know He has a hand in our lives. I am so thankful.

notes on the image, as it pertains to the project ITROW: I photographed these eggs because baking/cooking kitchen is central for many women in the world. Growing up myself, and for many I know, the kitchen is a gathering place for family. Also, I knew after reading Carolyn's words, that I needed to commemorate for myself that experience. The dish they are in was a 25-cent garage sale purchase. Just the cutest little 50's-era ramekin. I don't have it anymore, seeing as it was broken while doing the dishes, but for me, so much in this image shows parts of my life-- garage sale-ing instead of brand new so we can be frugal and more generous in our offerings, eggs to remember God loves me, the background from my BFA to remind me that I need to consciously be searching for true beauty that is not lost in translation. This might be my favorite picture I took in 2008.

January 3, 2009

secret sneeky-face santa

As some of you may know, our little family was "secret santa-ed" this year. I was out finishing up some errands before heading out to DC, and T was home, W was asleep. And I get a call.

"Honey, there is a bag on the front porch. I think someone is doing the 12 days of Christmas."

"Well, go see what it is," I respond.

"Okay, it looks like, gosh, a really big bag. And there are presents. A lot of presents!" he says.

So, I get home from errands. T cannot wait to open them. We let W open his the next day. They were very nice. The one for me was perfect, the one for T was hilarious (more on that)*, and W's were great. And we LOVE our joint present (a dinner out at our favorite place. I won't say where it is because then I won't be able to keep all the suspects clear-- see 2 paragraphs down if that sentence does not make sense).

T and I are very grateful. HOWEVER, I guess it must be told that I am really horrible with surprises and secrets and probably all things that start with the letter S (consider my track record previously stated). When I was in college, a boy sent my apartment a dozen roses on Valentine's Day. I called the company they were sent through until someone told me who sent them. It was more than one phone call. I tell people what present I got them WAY before I give it to them, and even when T proposed, I was trying to launch a covert operation to find out if it was happening that night.

All conversations I have had about ANYTHING were running through my head. Who had we told our favorite restaurant to? (LOTS of suspects there). Who knew I was leaving town early to go to DC? (EVEN more are added to the list). Who had been in our house and seen my job chart for me and T? (I did call one friend and tell her she had to be honest and tell me if she was near my house at that point. She wasn't.) But even more than those conversations, I was thinking about the ones I had involving the economy, how much it was going to cost for us to go to DC for the holidays (and my sister's wedding), the problems we had been having at our place, how T and I were not doing presents for each other this year..... those were the ones I was thinking about. And I was horrified.

Did I give someone the impression that we are destitute? That we needed someone else's generosity to save our Christmas? Could my discussions have not seemed like that at all, but complaining and decrying the sad state of our lives? T and I are happy and frugal and loving it. While working in finance, I saw how lots of Americans put Christmas on credit, and that is something T and I will never do. Also, not getting "stuff" is okay with us. Those are the ideals and the thought processes we have ingrained in our marriage.

I can think of so many others that needed this more than we did. I'm grateful for it, it was so nice, but I really want to be able to say, "Thank-you." I LIKE to be able to thank people.

So, WHOEVER YOU ARE: THANKS from us, the Stampers. We are dying to know who you are and really like our presents. We hope you do not think we are destitute. I am resigned to the fact that I will never know who you are. And I am grateful for generosity and love from people we know. I guess it is good I, yet again, am aware of my complete lack of control about surprises.

and because I promised, here is stuff about T's present-- It was the movie Hollywood Homicide. It stars Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett. Neither of us had seen it. There are a few potential reasons it was given to T:

1. It is an action movie. They figured Todd is a guy and will love an action movie.

2. It is awful and hilarious (like Ultraviolet, Bandidas and AeonFlux) and they knew we would watch it and love it and laugh our heads off.

3. They know about T's secret crush on Josh Hartnett. (Just kidding about that one)

Whichever it is, you can bet we'll be watching Hollywood Homicide instead of The Christmas Story for many years to come.

Thank you for a new Christmas tradition!

January 2, 2009

the "Year of the Year" award goes to:

So, W officially has an ornament for the tree. Not quite sure which photograph I like better of it. T and I are trying to keep our tree classy. Not completely sure why this is, because one W is 5 or so and starting making ornaments, we will cherish them and keep them safe and put them up every year. I know this because my mom STILL has a paper christmas tree I made for my sister in 1993. I put it on the tree this year. And we're definitely not the type of people that do two trees... you know, the "pretty one" and the family one?
2008 was a big year. To put it in better words than I ever could, here's M's words, "2008, you were quite a year.... i miss you already- as you'll always be the year i became a mom for the first time...and thus really found my heart..."
Yes, W is 2008 for me. Always will be. There have been other great things, but he is my 2008. (Which of course is so aptly illustrated above. ahhahahahahah!)

age is relative adjustments

So, I've gotten a few comments and requests about my "25 is the new 18" project. If you would like to participate, please include a way for me to contact you in your comment, email addresses would be great. Or you could always send me an email directly at alishastamper@gmail.com. If you were 25 at any point between April 2008 and April 2009, this project is for you!