December 30, 2008

editing html.....

so, i think of myself as a fairly smart person. i can learn relatively quickly (if it is a not too "heady" subject, like biology. though the gospel is somewhat "heady", in terms of being something you have to visualize and there are not (and are in lots of cases), methods that can visually be rendering for teaching.

so i guess i really should be saying that i am an incredibly visual person.

with that said, HTML code does not come easy to me... and i have been putting it off for a LONG time. but, there are some things you just have to do for yourself, like figuring out how big you want your pictures to actually be.... so i hunkered down and did that this last few days. i just don't want to do a bunch of posts that are not exactly how i want them. it is slightly depressing.

BUT, to tide the concern that i am really not photographing and this is all a ruse, here is a present: they are the favors from my sister's wedding this past weekend. individual little paintings to go with the theme, "love is art." SWEET

December 17, 2008

old boxes

I'm home at my parents for the holidays and my sister's wedding. I am determined to put some things in order and also take things back to utah... since it doesn't look like I will be on the east coast again in the next year. The box I went through today surprised me. It was full of love letters from the camp I worked at from 2004-2006--Independent Lake Camp. I ran the photography section of the art program there. I ran the darkroom, taught the classes, trained the teachers. It was one of the best experiences in my life, both photographically and personally. We would write love letters in the camp twice a summer, something Art Amy had come up with years before. I sent some out this year, to family and friends. It is a great tradition. I celebrate it at the end of the summer. Maybe you should, too?

and p.s. i used to quilt a bit. i made 3 or 4 large ones and a baby one. I might make a blanket while i am here.

December 4, 2008

Not to be a tease, but I have been photographing so much I have not been online at all. I promise this will change eventually. Like on Dec. 17 or 18.

December 1, 2008


If you are really good and, more importantly, dedicated, you will not go undiscovered. You do not need a jury, they need you. Do it the old fashioned way, if you truly believe you have something unique to offer; go knock on doors. Who are these self-appointed experts sitting in judgement of your work for a fee? The people that matter, charge nothing. Take your work to the museum curators and directors if you feel your work is worthy of their time. I did it, and sat with Steichen at MOMA when I was eighteen. However, in my opinion, sending CD's and money is not the way to establish or enhance a career in photography.--Merg Ross (found 3/8/09)