September 27, 2008

i've been officially welcomed to the blogging world

Five years ago, I:
1. was at byu, living in chandell 885 (with natalie and megan)
2. met sebastiao salgado. changed my life forever
3. was back at school after mandatory medical withdrawal the semester before
4. was completely and utterly stupid about relationships
5. not aware of how much my life would be different in 5 years

Five things on today's "To Do" list:

1. go to choir
2. reorganize the living room
3. get a toy basket for wallace
4. nail down my project titles for their unveiling next week
5. put a nail in the wall to hang our job chart/dinner plan

Five snacks I enjoy:

1. celery with peanut butter and raisins (ants on a log!)
2. mini snickers. my completely guilty pleasure
3. cheese. any kind. on triscuits
4. yogurt with granola and fruit
5. trail mix, the kind my mom makes (sorry adri, i know you have bad memories there)

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. Start the non-profit I've been dreaming about for years
2. go to P.E.I (prince edward island)
3. Travel
4. Invest in philanthropy
5. buy a better used car than the mazda

Five places I have lived:

1. Garmisch, Germany
2. DC metro area
3. Orson, PA
4. Kansas
5. North Carolina

Five jobs I have had:

1. office assistant at Lambert Metal Services
2. Photog extraordinare at Independent Lake Camp
3. Server @ Madeline's Steakhouse
4. Loan Officer @ AGFS
5. Current-- Freelance Photographer

i'm tagging Mho & Anna

September 26, 2008


WELL well well. I got an AWARD. how nice! Thanks Carolyn! If I could regift it, it would be heading your way! I tried to look back and find the original, but I didn't find it, so I revamped the award, hope that is okay. There are some rules to it, apparently, and here they are:

RULES about this little award:
(1) give this to people whose blogs mean something special to you - or give it to the blogs whose persons mean something special to you
(2) leave a comment on their blog so they know they got it
(3) you get to pick the number of times you give it

I picked based on either photographic excellence or great writing. I very much enjoy when things are well written... and when they address more than just the "ho-hum" of the daily drum. Like good testimonies, refreshing blogs are not made of travel-logs, i'm so lucky's, or thank-a-monies (I'll readily admit I am sometimes guilty of this), but are genuinely devot about what they are writing on. Some are able to write about these things in a way that makes you feel like you are experiencing it completely anew, and I do love those... I guess it all depends on who you audience is, but I am just explaining how I picked ones to give awards to. (I didn't pick ones that are private... though there are ones I love very much--leighanna--no one else can experience how awesome they are, so i didn't tease them unnecessarily)

And my picks are:
Kaylene-- I know i passed along some of her goodness the other day, but I have to do it again. She's amazing. gifted writer and completely insightful. currently has no power (TX), so keep her in your prayers. (Lady, sorry I'm hitting you on all sides in the blogging world, I just want you back. haha)
Claire-- a fellow photog who has a great photoblog, but also writes swimmingly on her personal blog (hilarious--breaking glasses--and thought provoking--shower contemplation)
Noelle--the prettiest woman I know, hands down. Quick wit, insanely intelligent, beautifully honest and candid. Loved the recent post about smoking. We never knew each other especially well in college on good ol' 50 east, but, boy, am I regretting that now.
Leslie Krout-- her blog is marvelous in so many way, but I can derive my desire to photograph the things in my daily life from her. Beautiful photographs. She inspires me the most right now. There is a way to be a mom and create art at the same time. (for example, high chair)

Megan-- has a great heart, and makes me laugh. who knew pharmacist's were secretly comedians? Who Knew?!

so, award away, ladies!

September 25, 2008

just a quick note...

JIM. I'm so glad you finally proposed to Pam. SO GLAD.

September 22, 2008

how to have great ideas

From the fuzziness of contemplation come some of our best ideas.--paraphrase from Carr article (July/Aug Atlantic 2008)

so i'm going to rework quiet time into my life. i've been needing to do this. I can't keep hopping out of bed just as i am about to fall asleep because i have had yet another idea. I'm very grateful and excited to work on the ideas i'm having, but dedicating time to it is good. My friend Kaylene always inspires me, and she wrote about not regretting time spent well. Her post pretty much sums up my life since Wallace was born, and NO MORE. I am going to enjoy my family when we are all together instead of sequestering myself into busy work that can be done LATER.

the Elizabethan Report

This band is great. Seriously. I love their music and had a great time photographing a little bit (though I wasn't about to bring my SLR with the crazy idiots that were moshing. More about moshing below). It was nice to get some pictures that I am pretty happy with, considering the circumstances. There was a guy there also photographing... looked like he had a canon, but it was maybe a rebel or something, nothing exciting there.... but the funny thing was, I am pretty sure he was laughing at the camera I was using. And probably thinking that his pictures would definitely be better than the ones I took, cause I could see it in his face (he even HUFFED once when I got my camera out for a shot before he did... so we were, in essence, photographing the same thing)... I didn't care, if you have the photography bug, it doesn't matter what you're using. Also, the band that played before them (Neon Trees?) had some sweeeet music. I had earplugs in during them though (because i was saving up the harm for the glorious sounds of the ER)And Now:

A note about MOSHING---

I have an issue with MOSH PITS. Aren't they only supposed to exist (if at all, and I seriously question THAT!) at multi-band shows or for heavy metal venues? How do you MOSH to the ER? It does not make sense. Not to mention, Provo's main residents are BYU students.. or at least LDS. I do not think my standards are too high to expect priesthood bearers to have it together enough to not smash into girls. Maybe its all that sexual tension? haha. I would think that with the way they were smelling (not good), they would at least want to have some sort of space so girls might still be slightly interested. I think the ER is way too cool to be so completely disrespected... I mean, really, do you have nothing better to do than bruise the people around you? Does their music honestly make you want to do that? HONESTLY?!

sorry for the rant.

To see the entire event and order prints, go here.

I love this

We live in an old place. Our awesome landlord has kept it up amazingly through all these years, and it has almost all of the original hardware. For example, our milkman box. There is a door on the other side (that regrettably doe not open any more), and this opens into our kitchen. We can tell him how much we want of what by using the little dials. There pretty much is not such a thing as a milkman anymore (unless you are blessed enough to be involved with these people). But it is still a marvelous thing. I love this place... and I love it even more after going and looking at other places last week. We are seriously so blessed. Haha.

new header

Fall is officially here, and I'm crazy excited about it. I don't mind that is gloomy outside, I don't mind that it is rainy. I don't mind having to wear jeans and long sleeves. I don't mind at all because I LOVE FALL. Thanks for finally getting here, Fall. As a present from me to you, there are some pumpkins and nice colors up on top as my header. I'm looking forward to photographing your leaves. This month's National Geographic has the most beautiful picture of leaves. It is a color gradient from green to yellow to orange to red, all in leaves, and it is glorious! (but of course, i couldn't find it online... so go buy a copy and be inspired!)

September 18, 2008

something glad, something sad

Font Conference
That is pretty much hilarious. I admit I am a font junkie. A uninformed font junkie, but one nonetheless.

ALSO:I had never googled my married name, so I did that today (Wallace was taking some GREAT naps today!) Apparently there is another Alisha Stamper out there. But she was a little girl and she DIED. Isn't that the most awful thing? People really loved her, though. You can see it here.
In this instance, I would be completely okay with NOT being the only one. I have no idea what happened to her, but it is weird. Its not like my name is all the normal, you know?

unmadeup: artist statement

Women have been documented for their beauty since the beginning of time. Art historians generally agree that Venus of Willendorf is a fertility idol, not a portrait. The ability women have to procreate was considered beautiful in her era. The name is fitting—Venus was the goddess of Beauty. In Grecian times goddesses were immortalized and in medieval times women were portrayed as Mary: righteousness was beauty. I have observed the use of sexuality as a definition of beauty in the fashion industry, and have seen the results in phrases that are solely spoken by women: “I don’t have any make-up on: I’m so ugly” and many others. Beauty and sexual appeal are not synonymous. Sexual appeal is not a requirement for beauty when defined as “The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness and originality.” When defined in this way, the mind is used as the primary judge of beauty instead of physical stimulation. Using this definition, I sought to translate beauty anew. I used classical poses, settings and attire that correspond with this definition of beauty. Classical paintings meet these requirements and their influence on my beliefs about beauty cannot be understated. The women shown here are not wearing any make-up. In that sense, they are “un made up”: their beauty is truly natural without artificial enhancement from materials that are considered necessities to many. In this way, the requirement for truth is fulfilled. Originality is “a marked departure from traditional or previous practice,” but more importantly a secondary definition is to be “the source from which a translation is made.” People translate texts so that more people can understand what is conveyed within the text. Sometimes the meaning of a certain text or speech is lost in translation. My hope through this project is that my translation of beauty, my depiction of it so that more can recognize and understand it, is not lost to the viewer. My depiction is not meant to raise these women on a pedestal. These women are beautiful, but they are also normal individuals. The transition from their everyday lives to who they became as photographed is a transition that can be made by any woman. Because of this, I did not title the images with their names but instead chose Latin. Though all romance languages are derived from Latin, it is no longer spoken. Like Latin, modern commercial depictions of beauty are fragments of the original depth of the word. Real beauty can be learned from antiquity. My effort is to better translate the definition of beauty. Enjoy.

September 17, 2008

Art Space

Well well, I've officially met my match in terms of an inspiring living space. Todd, the bub and I headed there this morning because we're thinking about moving. (Sad, I know. Our current place is so lovely, just not too baby friendly) Well, we won't be moving to this place, but I haven't been to that block here in the good old city, and it was pretty inspiring. I think I'm going to do my next few client sessions down there. The apartments are very modern and quite large... but again, the baby friendly thing has become numero uno in this momtog's (can i coin that phrase? mom photographer? or does it sound like i only photograph mom's?) agenda.

September 16, 2008

ahhh brilliancy!

I just had the most fantastic idea. I was helping little sick wallace to get to sleep (teething is not fun, neither is your first cold of your whole life) and the sun was coming through the curtains so beautifully. I love the curtains in our bedroom. They have this ornate pattern, and are this gorgeous maroonish color.

Well, not only was the light going through the curtains, it was also going off above my head (in the form of a lightbulb). This would be the best background ever. I bought these awesome panel at an extremely discounted price, and I bet I could get more that I love for also not too much money. Plus, they already are finished, in terms of the edges, having a backing, etc, so they are WAY better than just buying fabric (which I have noticed is something harder to work with because you have to iron it pretty much every time you use it. NOT SO with drapes! Maybe Fruelin Maria in The Sound of Music had it right-- drapes are perfect and usable for many purposes! Hooray! Pictures soon to follow.

September 13, 2008


Maybe I should mention that my favorite photographs ever are available for purchase! Go here! These images are the first that I truly felt like I had achieved, to a degree, what Dear Demeter is supposed to be all about. Enjoy!


yum for peas! Wallace LOVES them.
and in trying to continue "making due", the background is from the fabric I salvaged from my chair that recently was replaced. I love beige. I know that is not something I should admit.

Fruits of Friendship

Lately I've been thinking about blessings. I love the idea of living by the actual fruits of ones labor... though I readily admit I do not have a green thumb.... not even slightly green. My thumb has given up hope, to be honest. But other people have things grow lovingly and without notice all around them. Not only do they cultivate the earth and bring its glorious goods, but I have noticed that there are tons of ways I admire the things they do and the ways they bless the lives of others. (Though lately I've been noticing it most in my life).
I have a desire to bless, to be an instrument. It happens sometimes, when I am not even thinking of it, and I'm glad.

This also has been making me contemplate the idea that people should possess according to their needs. I've been pinning for some new photography equipment. I felt like I couldn't really photograph anymore because I didn't have the "right" (can be read: most shiny and new) tools. My sister reminded me that I took photographs that I STILL love and have adorning my walls when all I had was a lamp without a shade and a olympus OM-1 (that was older that I was). She said my vision had nothing to do with the equipment I had and I could and should be resourceful and find a way to create again. She always brings me back to center. (Thank you) I took these images with the window open, on my packed and very messy computer desk, with a reusable shopping bag as the background. nothing exciting there. Nothing fancy there, just colors that match and move me, and the serenity of photographing once again, doing what I love and feeling like in some way I am helping others see beauty.

p.s.--I think I might (read: am completely going to) print some of these shots and give them to the people who have been so kind in sharing their garden's goods. I'm going to print them on watercolor paper and float mount them. Good idea?

September 12, 2008

From Crosscut Seattle

About Sarah Palin: an e-mail from Wasilla

(you can read it directly on their website)

A suburban Anchorage homemaker and activist — who once did battle with the Alaska governor when Palin was mayor — recounts what she knows of Palin's history.

By Anne Kilkenny

i advocate being an informed voter.

braces make alisha a dull girl

hola. This past weekend was Peach Days up in Brigham City, Utah. I was very excited. I have been bitten by the photography bug again and I wanted to photograph everything in sight. Well, on friday last at T and I's yearly physical, our great doctor made a correct and timely diagnosis about my wrist pain--- bilateral post partum tenosynovitis and carpal tunnel. To me, as a photographer, that sounds like a death sentence. The Mayo Clinic warns you can lose all use of your hands. EGADS! Never fear, however, I started up a physical therapy regimen, and am still photographing... just more with a tripod. Well, if I'm using a tripod I might as well use my 4x5, right? Exactly! So that will be happening and airing on here soon enough!

But back to Peach Days:
I rode my first carnival ride. It was amazing and I forgot how much fun it is to scream at the top of your lungs as the wind whips by. It was called, you guessed it, The Zipper.
Sadly, the only pictures I got were with our little family camera (a sony something or other). But I did go on the ferris wheel with my husband (and W did NOT know what to think about that), but I did get this sweet shot, so I guess I feel a little photographically fulfilled.

Never fear, however, as I said, I have started to photograph again in earnest, and those will be up later.

September 9, 2008

age is relative, right?

I need to admit that I am feeling slightly old. Old, you say, how? Right, yeah. Let me start with explaining that I adhere to the hearsay that Brigham Young described unmarried men over the age of 25 as a menace to society.... or something like that. I remember thinking that 25 was so old. In college me and the girls would tease each other about being interested in any guy over 25.. that it was slightly dangerous. Obviously, not really, but it was kind of funny, thinking that 25 was too old. I remember thinking that guys that were 25 were somehow supposed to be a little wiser, have their goals and desires for righteous life in line, etc.... well, being officially in "the quarter century club" myself for quite a while now, I guess I just feel strange about it, a little bit at least. I don't feel 18, and I don't really FEEL 25 either. In some ways, I guess I always thought I would accomplish more photographically by the time I was 25. I definitely was hoping to be involved in something like this great anthology, I have always wanted what I have. a wonderful husband, a darling and glorious child, i guess i'm just learning that there are too many things to photograph and do now in this other life I thought I'd have after 25. so, i think i want to photograph and talk to some other "club" members. Maybe Paris Geller (GG) is right, 60 is what 40 was 20 years ago... and with that logic, 25 is the new 18, and everyone knows that 18 year olds are having the time of their lives. If you are 25 and want to be photographed (freebie geeebie!), leave me a little comment-a-roo and we'll get this party started!