August 23, 2008

the city cemetery

While doing an internship and working at The Center for Documentary Arts, I worked on their Missing Stories project, following up on cultural traditions carried on in remembering and respecting the dead. I photographed the graves of people who had participated in the original project so that images could be included in revised editions of the book. As a reference, I read this great book, which has beautiful photographs. As a kid I had succumbed to the fear of graveyards because of ghost stories.... now they were beautiful and serene, and I still go to Mt. Olivet when I need to think. Well, I've got an idea for a project relating to graves and I did some research on it tonight. I'm excited.


so maybe recently all I'm seeing is patterns and textures like this. The colors are nice, which helps. And honestly, I don't understand why they will not fit in the container they came in, and now they just sit around in sets of twos and threes, having no home because they don't fit. but they are pretty fun for W.

jazz club nyc/ pike place market seattle

i do find it funny that the middle shot looks like it says you should "drink alcohol during pregnancy."

red nails and lipstick

August 20, 2008

Ode to The Mallow

So, the Mallow is officially gone. I'm sad. It was the perfect photographer's car-- huge back for easy storage of equipment, and it wasn't too high like it would have been in an SUV (i'm short). it was perfect. It even had a storage place that was kinda hidden so if I needed to leave my camera for a bit it would be safe. * There are some good memories in that car. Here's to you, The Mallow:

I love that you looked like an alien.
You were big and beautiful.
People always asked me why you weren't named Ted.
You always told me i was a pretty cool girl (we both know that is what PCG on the license plate stood for!)
I'm glad you weren't, because then I wouldn't be reminded of The Sandlot every day.
You were with me in the snow. And you didn't get mad when I drove you into a trash can once on the way to Trina's house to study for Women's Studies.
You didn't mind when Nick banged into your console and broke it.
You sang along to the music (because the wheel cover in the back broke and it was sooo noisy without it).
You took me to Cirque du Soleil.
You let me still feel like I was in Virginia because I had those stickers on the windshield.
You tricked me about your safety key (and I thought I was going to be killed at that scary truck stop, you're such a kidder).
You took me and T to Portland on our first trip together.
You brought me and T to the hospital to have W.
You brought home W.
You took me to camp and across the country. Remember the Garden of Eden and the Cathedral of the Plains?
You didn't mind when I cried both times I got tickets (in stupid Sandy and by the Virginia Highway Patrol on the way to T's parents).
You had stars upon thars! (even though I am not the one that supported, or was a member of the virginia sherrif's association).
You had lumbar support. Thank you for that.
I'm sorry that you were crying because you didn't see me everyday after W was born. I didn't know. You poor thing, you died from feeling unloved. Being all cried out (aka completely out of oil), can do that, I guess.
And last, but not least, you were the first thing I could mark that I graduated.

Thanks, The Mallow. You were a great car.

*I'm not advocating leaving your camera in your car, but sometimes there are times, if you know what I mean.

The Newest Member of the Family

I found this little darling that needed to be adopted on Craigslist. He was lonely, and selling for less than half of what he was worth, so I decided it was a good venture to bring him home and teach him the value of hard work.

So, i've already introduced him to all the other family members (ie, my photo equipment), and they all seem to be getting along remarkably well. We've only had one little skirmish--Zoom tried to get out of Greenie (still thinking about the name on that one. Since The Mallow died, i've really been hankering to name something), but that is the only thing that has been amiss with the smooth transition of having a mixed family. I don't think him and the large format will ever hang out or make plans together, there's just too big of a gap in age there, I guess. But i'm sure they'll still get together around the holidays with the rest of the family. Welcome to the Family, Greenie!

August 16, 2008

Duede Family

Here's a few of my favorites from photographing the Duede family on the 13th.

August 15, 2008

why do i get little weird spots on the bottoms of the photographs? I resubmitted on the last ones and it didn't do it, so what's the deal now?

August 8, 2008

Megan and Aaron

Megan is my favorite to photograph. Aaron was an added bonus, and with his riveting personality, wit and humor, fun was had by all as I threw myself back into my craft with the unlikeliest of props, backdrops and tools. After being inspired by the two of them, even the sobe's we were drinking looked photographic to me.

NOTE-- i've been very interested in personalized color lately as well as no longer focusing things much.